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15 Food Companies That Serve You 'Wood'

thestreet.com — NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Are you getting what you pay for on your plate? The recent class-action lawsuit brought against Taco Bell raised questions about the quality of food many Americans eat each day.

Before You Offer Advice to New Parents, Remember How It Felt to Hear It

scarymommy.com — Seasoned parents love to dish out advice to new moms and dads. Their intentions are good, but their words aren't always useful in practice to the sleep-deprived and terrified. "Cherish every single moment!" is an old favorite every new parent loves/hates to hear from just about everyone they meet.

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — When trick or treaters came to the door tonight, Joy made sure that every child received one treat - "just like cupcakes on your birthday party" - except for people dressed as Elsa. Those people got two treats.

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — Over lunch yesterday I was thinking how nice it is now that Joy is 4. She's been so well-behaved all week - speaking to me like a human instead of a raging tyrant, as just one example.

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — Note to self: Nothing lifts you out of a low tide of inspiration to write away your daily meshugas than your 2.5 year old rolling around on the greasy gross floor of Chipotle.

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — We celebrated the anniversary of our first born yesterday! Joy remains a sweet little girl, though the four-nager attitude is already taking over in full effect. When she grows up she plans to marry a prince so she can be a princess - and later, a queen. Also a ballerina.

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — Joy: Mommy, how about if we lived in a world of rainbows!? A giant rainbow we could slide down and we would never stop! [pause] A big house of rainbow. But mommy? Living in a house of rainbow is so...confusing. Because how would we ever stop?

Some Light Dinner Table Conversation

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — Joy: Mommy, can I marry you?Me: You might need to get Daddy’s permission since he already married me first.Joy: I don't need Daddy's permission. I need your permission. Will you marry me?Me: Yes, I will marry you. Happily. Joy: But I can't marry you yet because I'm just a little kid.

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — "Let's keep our pants on today, my love." "No, you may not put a half-eaten cupcake back and get a new one." "Yes, I will get you so high." "We don't 'nature poop' at our friend's backyard." "Please, my love, mommy asked you to keep your pants on."

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — That time when you decide to put potty training on the back burner temporarily just as you're down to the very last diaper in the entire house. And your 2.5 year old, perhaps sensing the dire circumstances and hoping to do her part toward conservation efforts, lays a big fat log on her sister's bedroom carpet rather than lay waste to the last of the tushy-covering provisions.
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Oct 10, 2016

RT @2degreesofalie: Dismissing Trump's behavior as locker room talk is why we have young men like Brock Turner.

Oct 01, 2016

Eavesdropping on my husband reviewing #ballet positions with our 3yo and it's giving me all the feels  https://tmblr.co/Zphx7m2Cq4q8e  #family

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