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New York, NY
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Journalist @mashable covering tech society, artificial intelligence, and internet of things. Formerly @moneyish, @nysideways. Brown alum.

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@trickycrayon @bullseyeweiner I think Disney is great! As evidenced by my high praise of Mission: Space. But I just don’t see why more of their VR rides couldn’t do the same as that ride. Thanks for the feedback!
@trickycrayon @bullseyeweiner Don’t want to get into a huge thing but I’ll clarify that my point wasn’t that all new rides are VR or that all VR rides are new. It’s that over time, more headliners are VR. Obviously people can skip these rides but that will damper the Disney exp more as more rides come out.
@bullseyeweiner Star Tours opened in 2011, Mission Space rebooted last summer. Not new as of this year, but definitely new in the grand scheme of things.
@MilesDean And Star Tours: The Adventure Continues is a new ride that opened in 2011. There was an older ride, but it closed. :)
@MilesDean Never claimed they were making "everyone" sick! Tried to do research on how many people are affected by motion sickness on various rides, but could not find anything credible. Feel free to send anything over that you have!
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