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After moving this weekend, I've concluded that box springs are the biggest waste of time, money, and space in terms of common furniture. It's all a scam. Build better beds, build better mattresses. Eliminate box springs. Amen.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how obnoxious is a story that references Learning from Las Vegas AND Infinite Jest... With one being "obnoxious. go home English major, you're drunk" and two being "mildly, but I am interested"?
Okay, a #CESblackout isn't funny, but this is hysterical. #biebersavestheday "There was enough light from windows and battery powered signs to safely walk around. "Despacito" could still be heard blaring from an unknown booth." @cnn 
RT @nytimesarts: Fred Bass, who transformed his father’s small used-book store, the Strand, into a mammoth Manhattan emporium, died… 
Observation 1: If I moved to Chicago I would be this building in human form. Observation 2: This is one of my favorite comment threads to date, including references to The Good Wife, and a solid "Norman Froster" pun. @archpaper
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