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Lose Your Phone, Lose Yourself — In an age where ever-growing home television screens are rapidly approaching the experience you get in a movie theater, I often think about my continued desire to go to the movies. It's certainly not the over-priced food and drinks that lure me (though the theaters with adult beverages are most-welcomed).

Trailers in an Age of Internet Video — I've always been fascinated by movie trailers. They're such an interesting concept: a 30-second to 2-minute clip of footage that has been re-cut to maximize the piquing of interest in a full movie itself. Sometimes they're opaque, more often they give away far too much.

Displacing the Camera that Displaced the Camera — Some great points in Jonathan Wegener's post above. I especially like the concept of "upstreaming" - the person who stands in front of you hailing a taxi to grab the taxi first is one of the worst people in the world (at the very least, have the decency to walk a couple blocks up, out of sight of the original hailer, like I used to do - or did before Uber solved this in a much better way).

Lens Flair — No sooner do I discuss the odd nature of Friday news, does a great example hit. In this case, news leaked out of Snapchat that they were on the verge of announcing a new product, Spectacles, and off to the races, publications went.

Cold Takes in Your Inbox — I've become fascinated in recent months with email newsletters. Yes, those relics from the 1990s. Yes, this is sort of weird, given my hatred of email. But it also sort of makes sense. One major reason why email is such a pain point is that it demands our attention.

CouRAGE — I can't believe we're still talking about a headphone jack. I can't believe I'm still writing about a headphone jack. I really can't believe I'm writing about what someone said about a headphone jack. But here we are. And it's the weekend, and this beats doing email, so why not?

Why I Write (These Days) — A VC Blogging About VCs Blogging Good blog post this morning from Fred Wilson. In it, he attempts to give some insight into the motivation behind VC blog posts (inspired by this tweet from Joe Fernandez) as well as dispel the notion that these should be taken as scripture.

The Strange Thing About Stranger Things — 500ish Words — The Binge May it have been better to let it build?.. On July 25th, megan added Stranger Things to our "To Watch" channel in the Slack we use to organize life stuff. My immediate response: "What that?" To be fair, it had only been ten days since the series was unveiled to the world on Netflix.

NBC Has Spoiled the Olympics — By Pretending They Won't Be Spoiled Four hours. That's roughly the amount of time I had to wait in between when Michael Phelps won his record 23rd Olympic medal (19th gold) and when I could actually see the feat. Yes, I'm sure I could have tracked down the footage on some feed somewhere.
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