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Why I Write (These Days) – 500ish Words — A VC Blogging About VCs Blogging Good blog post this morning from Fred Wilson. In it, he attempts to give some insight into the motivation behind VC blog posts (inspired by this tweet from Joe Fernandez) as well as dispel the notion that these should be taken as scripture.

The Strange Thing About Stranger Things — 500ish Words — The Binge May it have been better to let it build?.. On July 25th, megan added Stranger Things to our "To Watch" channel in the Slack we use to organize life stuff. My immediate response: "What that?" To be fair, it had only been ten days since the series was unveiled to the world on Netflix.

NBC Has Spoiled the Olympics — By Pretending They Won't Be Spoiled Four hours. That's roughly the amount of time I had to wait in between when Michael Phelps won his record 23rd Olympic medal (19th gold) and when I could actually see the feat. Yes, I'm sure I could have tracked down the footage on some feed somewhere.

Trading ‘Stories’ — Instagram enters Snapchat's arena... "Is it boxers or briefs?" This question, posed to Bill Clinton in a 1994 town hall, was quite controversial at the time. Even for MTV, where it aired. This is hard to imagine in our current age of Donald Trump. But true. And the question remains.

In the Inbox — 500ish Words — Thinking About Newsletters Given my hatred of email, I've been rather confused recently. You see, I've found myself subscribing to things. Things that are delivered to my inbox. Yes, I've asked for more things to be placed into my inbox. On purpose. Newsletters. The email newsletter is obviously nothing new.

What’s Next for Netflix? — From envelopes to streaming to original content... now? The first public stock I ever bought was Netflix. I had just graduated from college and I was determined to do what I thought adults did: buy stock.

Great, Again? — 500ish Words — I try to shy away from talking politics on the Internet because it's almost always a losing proposition. The trolls from the opposite side of your stance will come no matter what. Plus, I am cognizant of the fact that the small following I've been lucky enough to attract over the years doesn't follow me for my political acumen - no matter how savvy I may be in that regard.

The End of the End of the Library — A follow-up, of sorts Just about three years ago, I found myself under attack. The perpetrators weren't who you might expect. It wasn't some nefarious characters hanging out in some dark alley. It was a group whose main weapon is the Dewey Decimal System. Librarians.

The National Bubble Association — I think the NBA just put itself in a dangerous place... I know, I know. A guy in Silicon Valley is calling a bubble in another industry. The jokes write themselves. But after watching the free agent signings the past few weeks in the NBA, its hard to think of anything else.

The Rise of The Pitch, the Decline of the Pitch — And football - American football - will fall Prediction: by 2050, the most popular sports in the United States, in descending order, will be: This prediction will be controversial, no doubt. But in my mind, the most controversial element is only whether soccer will rise to number one or if basketball will take the throne.¹ This notion of the rise of soccer in the United States is nothing new.
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