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GP @GVteam. Investor: @hellodigit @jauntvr @ManagedbyQ @Medium @periscopeco @SlackHQ + more. On the road w/ @msquinn. A man of few words. Except when writing.

Great, Again? — 500ish Words — I try to shy away from talking politics on the Internet because it's almost always a losing proposition. The trolls from the opposite side of your stance will come no matter what. Plus, I am cognizant of the fact that the small following I've been lucky enough to attract over the years doesn't follow me for my political acumen - no matter how savvy I may be in that regard.

The End of the End of the Library — A follow-up, of sorts Just about three years ago, I found myself under attack. The perpetrators weren't who you might expect. It wasn't some nefarious characters hanging out in some dark alley. It was a group whose main weapon is the Dewey Decimal System. Librarians.

The National Bubble Association — I think the NBA just put itself in a dangerous place... I know, I know. A guy in Silicon Valley is calling a bubble in another industry. The jokes write themselves. But after watching the free agent signings the past few weeks in the NBA, its hard to think of anything else.

The Rise of The Pitch, the Decline of the Pitch — And football - American football - will fall Prediction: by 2050, the most popular sports in the United States, in descending order, will be: This prediction will be controversial, no doubt. But in my mind, the most controversial element is only whether soccer will rise to number one or if basketball will take the throne.¹ This notion of the rise of soccer in the United States is nothing new.

Make the TV Commercials Stop — 20th Century Advertising in the 21st Century I hate television advertising. I find it mind-numbing, vapid, or even, at times, insulting. And, in my mind, it has gotten so much worse over the years as advertisers attempt to come up with new ways to jolt viewers into paying attention - or at least to make something "memorable," no matter how stupid.

Anagnorisis — 500ish Words — When BlackBerry was dead, but didn't realize it yet Yesterday, I linked to this Economist Espresso blurb about the declining fortunes - quite literally - of BlackBerry. In particular, the chart showing the company's sharp drop in revenue since its peak is stunning. As I noted: How fast can a powerhouse fall? This fast.

Siri In Chains — 500ish Words — A few thoughts on WWDC 2016... For the first time in a long while I didn't rush to a strong wifi connection in order to download the latest betas of Apple's software following the unveilings at WWDC. To be fair, I'm on the road, without all my devices (and perhaps most importantly, my backup devices).

Fear Is My Fuel, Confidence Is My Enemy — I read and linked to this interview with Steven Spielberg last week, but it has lingered in my mind. Specifically, Spielberg, arguably (maybe inarguably?) the most successful film director of the past 40+ years, talks about what still drives him, after so much success to make new movies (in this case, the forthcoming The BFG).

“K I Get Uber” — Your future of chat is arriving now One of the "holy shit" moments. And one that anyone reading this in various parts of Asia will probably make fun of. A couple nights ago, I ordered an Uber through Facebook Messenger, and it was magical. I realize this is nothing truly new.

“Siri Already Did It” — Amazon Alexa vs. Apple Siri Shortly after getting the Amazon Echo, I wrote up some thoughts as to why I thought it would be the bridge to vocal computing. One common response to that post was along the lines of "Siri already does all of this, and more, at a much bigger scale."
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