Peggy Noonan is a columnist for the Wall Street Journal and the author of nine books on American politics and culture. Most recent: The Time of Our Lives.

The Year of the Reticent Voter | RealClearPolitics

Travel Back to an Early Clinton Scandal | RealClearPolitics

Travel Back to an Early Clinton Scandal — The question came up this week at a political panel: Why don't people like Hillary Clinton? Why do they always believe the worst? Why, when some supposed scandal breaks and someone says she's hiding something, do people, including many of her supporters, assume it's true? The answer is that Mrs.

Monday AM ~ TheFrontPageCover — 2016 The truth will set you free A Wounded Boy's Silence, and the Candidates' The history of totalitarian socialism is one filled with charades and symbols over and against reality and substance. A recent example of this took place this past weekend at the G20 summit in the city of Hangzhou, China.

Remembering a Hero, 15 Years After 9/11 | RealClearPolitics

Remembering a Hero, 15 Years After 9/11 — 'With this bandanna,' Welles Crowther said, 'I'm gonna change the world.' And he did. What do I think about when I think about that day? The firemen who climbed "the stairway to Heaven" with 50, 60 pounds of gear. The people who called from Windows on the World and said: "I just want you to know I love you."

Can Anxiety Beat Depression in November? — By tradition the presidential campaign begins in earnest on Labor Day. This year I questioned that premise. Its assumption is that normal people don't start paying attention until September. That's probably been true in the past. But this time normal people have been paying attention all year.

Can Anxiety Beat Depression in November? | RealClearPolitics

A Wounded Boy's Silence, and the Candidates' | RealClearPolitics

A Wounded Boy’s Silence, and the Candidates’ — With the campaign proper about to begin, on Labor Day, a last August thought, a very simple one: War is terrible. It is my impression our candidates for president don't really know this. They never say it, not in formal speeches or in thinking aloud, in reveries in friendly interviews.
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Sep 24, 2016

RT @dick_nixon: I learned to debate in the 8th grade. Not only that, I argued in court! For a living!

Sep 24, 2016

RT @dick_nixon: It is not a debate. No one knows how to debate now.

Sep 24, 2016

More Hewitt:He was the director when Ed Murrow showed a live shot of the Atlantic ocean and next to it a live shot of the Pacific. 1st ever.

Sep 24, 2016

In the middle, pointing, the young producer Don Hewitt, who famously said he suggested Nixon wear makeup. Nixon: no. 

Sep 24, 2016

RT @ddale8: A reader in Vermont has some free advice for Hillary Clinton.

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