Insufferable -- Vanity Fair 1/18/12

Contact, Fee Info for Appearances — Booking Agency, Fee and Contact Information for Peter Sagal for a personal appearance, speaking engagement or corporate event entertainment.

607 The Broken Man: Nerdette Recaps Game Of Thrones With Peter Sagal — The Hound returns to the screen, but will he also return to his past form? Whom exactly is Arya fighting? Join Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me 's Peter Sagaland Nerdette 's Tricia Bobedaand Greta Johnsenas they analyze "The Broken Man" episode from Game of Thrones' sixth season.

Michael Jackson Five Years Later From the Archives — Eventually I was sent with the group of Shopkeepers to the makeup wagon outside. We were waiting for the harassed staff to finish with the group ahead of us-"What are you?" "I'm a Miscellaneous Woman"-when a very young black man in a goatee and round sunglasses wandered up and shook our hands.

604 Book Of The Stranger: Nerdette Recaps Game Of Thrones With Peter Sagal

602 Home: Nerdette Recaps Game Of Thrones With Peter Sagal — Gasp! Well, the thing happened: What does it mean for Westeros? What of the Night's Watch oath? And Wun Wun! Hodor speaking the other words! Impossibly rickety bridges!

601 The Red Woman: Nerdette Recaps Game Of Thrones With Peter Sagal

600 Prologue: Nerdette Recaps Game Of Thrones With Peter Sagal

The Harvard Crimson — Blessings in Disguise By Alec Guinness Alfred A. Knopf 225 pages A LEC GUINNESS MADE a career of bringing dignity to mediocrity. Although a contemporary and a rightful companion of the great British actors of this century, no one ever seems to mention Sir Alec in their company.

The Harvard Crimson — Batman: The Dark Knight by Frank Miller with Klaus Janson and Lynn Varley Published monthly by DC Comics; $2.95 T HE CITY sits terrified, smothered under the heat like a hostage; a city of victims. It's a filthy zoo where the animals have two legs and the media is the kids outside, squealing and giggling at the vicious capering of the beasts: "Woman explodes in subway station, film at eleven."

Denial — Lawyer Abigail Gersten is brilliant, Jewish, and a First Amendment absolutist. Professor Bernard Cooper is courtly, polite and dedicated to convincing the world that the Holocaust was a Jewish hoax. When the government prosecutes him, he turns to Abby for help. Offended by censorship in any form, she takes the case, but gets quickly drawn into a moral quagmire.
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Jul 30, 2016

@shermandorn Because courts have ruled that requiring ID per se is a justifiable regulation of voting process. That may change.

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