Stand-up comedian tells Howard his unjust bust was no joke — NEW YORK - Carlo Bellario can finally laugh again. The New Jersey-based standup comic has had some scrapes with the law. But nothing like this before. PIX11 News first told you about his problem back in January. Last year he'd taken a non-paying role in a low budget movie.

Pet sitter apologizes after video shows him getting intimate with woman in client’s Queens home — QUEENS -- A pet sitter who was caught on camera getting intimate with a woman while at a client's home in Queens is offering an apologizing. Ahmet the passionate pet sitter is back. A few weeks ago we told you how Ahmet Ozturk was caught on home security video getting frisky with a young woman while paying a visit to a client's home.

Howard requesting help for young woman, 5-year-old girl both in need of kidney transplants — THE BRONX -- Over the past few months we've told you about a little girl and a young woman who both have the same problem. They both desperately need kidney transplants. Many of you responded to be possible kidney donors. But so far, no one has worked out as a match.

High-end designer finally pays NYC tailor — MANHATTAN -- Back in May we told you about Manhattan tailor Dhanpaul Ramjeet. He's an old school craftsman. He's pricey but his work is top of the line. Dhanpaul's problem was that a high end fashion designer stiffed him for about $5,000. Angelo Galasso is the designer.

Howard watches old nemesis get sent to prison — QUEENS -- Over the years I've gone after a lot of schemers, scammers and scoundrels. Derrick Burrell fits all three categories. I first heard about him when I got a complaint from Steve Bernier of Queens back in 2012. Burrell, who billed himself as a contractor, took $100,000 from Bernier and his wife.

Howard gets to the bottom of a bill — BROOKLYN -- All Ouida Malik of Brooklyn wanted was home Internet service. She contacted her TV provider Direct TV and they referred her to Verizon. She set up an installation in March. You know what's coming, right? Ouida took the day off and waited for the installer. And waited.

NJ court stifles right to know who purchased bogus memorabilia — In November 2014 PIX11's Howard Thompson broke the story of suspected sports memorabilia being sold at auction by then Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli. The material had been seized from a drug store owner who ran afoul of the law.

Howard needs public’s help for young woman desperately needing kidney transplant — EGG HARBOR, N.J. -- Nina Saria of Egg Harbor, New Jersey looks like a healthy 33-year-old. But the catheter going to her heart shows that looks can be very deceiving. Nina desperately needs a kidney transplant. She came to United States to study with no intention of staying.

VIDEO: Pet sitter busted getting intimate with woman in client’s Queens apartment — FOREST HILLS, Queens -- A woman was shocked after surveillance video captured her pet sitter getting intimate with a female visitor while she was away on vacation. So she reached out to Howard and he found the pet sitter, who admitted to the deed.

Howard helps retired teacher not be evicted from Newark apartment — NEWARK, N.J. - Sheryl Harris says she and her mom, Rachel, have lived in their Newark apartment for 33 years. They were just days away from getting the boot because they're more than $10,000 behind in rent. How did they get into this fix? "Well my mom has onset dementia," Sheryl told me.
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Aug 02, 2016

Tonight on the PIX 11 NEWS at 6. I've been trying to collect 5 grand from a high end clothing store since May!... 

Jul 25, 2016

Help Me Howard advice: Watch the convention on C-Span. No commentators telling you what you just heard.

Jul 15, 2016

Attempted coup in Turkey. Been watching the video from a number of sources. I've noticed there are no women in... 

Jul 15, 2016

This guy is living in the Poconos! Google him and his relationship with the President of Turkey! 

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