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but the biggest is because i'm pretty damn sure historically that happened because of white racism. that's what caused a civil war, the fight against universal human & civil rights, broke the labor movement, stopped social safety nets, create pariah landscapes. so, yah fuck that.
hatred and fear weather people. hatred of race, or the other, of the people who you don't think are your people. a lot of people hold up stories like mine to say bad things happen to white people too. that pisses me off something fierce, for a lot of reasons.
i heard a recent podcast about weathering, and it was so striking, that this was me. Growing up as a problem, a condition, a weirdo. we had to walk through a maintenance area normal kids weren't allowed to get to class. My jr high special ed teacher called it a pariah landscape.
I wrote about #CHIP last month, and about what it's like to be a child not worth medical care:  Even with CHIP, there's 3.5m uninsured children in America, but it could be more then 10m soon. This is who we are. This is what America is. We should face that.
@cstross to be clear, things are much much much better than when we were chattel. But women who pretend their male partners don't immense power over their careers often end up not having careers for long.
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