Just another black boy from the forgotten blocks of Norf Philly. "Race Hustler." Send tips & Henny to: tyler.tynes@sbnation.com

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Tyler R. Tynes is a Staff Reporter for SB Nation, a Vox Media site. He was formerly on The Huffington Post's politics team where he frequently wrote about the congressional black caucus, the flint water crisis and other topics including race and politics. Before that he was a metro reporter for T...

How is social media changing news?

Social media is changing news in the way that people receive information and the pace which they get it from different outlets

What does it mean to be a journalist?

To be a journalist means to be a source, the first piece of news that someone recieves

Why did you become a journalist?

I became a journalist, or aspiring to be, because I love giving my opinion and hearing the opinions of others that only add to the news


Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Award

2013 - Radio
National Runner-Up All Around Radio Broadcast

New Jersey Press Association

2015 - Breaking News