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Free lance columnist writing on a wide range of public policy issues. President, CEO & Founder, The Townsend Group Intl, LLC, a business consulting firm in Connecticut.
Graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School.

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NY Times: "Harvard missed chance to choose a #MeToo or BLM leader as its new pres ." Really? As successor to its retiring female pres? Identity politics at worst... on the news pages. Reporter's own view, not even a cited quote. Journalism at its worst. 
All Immigration bills failed in Senate today. In process, a majority voted 4 Dreamers, 4 wall + $25 billion, BUT NOT 4 merit-based immigration which works so well in Canada and Australia. Why? 
Time to update immigration policy from the system of a bygone frontier era in America to one for a populous and highly developed 21st century nation. A merit-based future beats our 19th-century immigration system  #immigration
DACA (700,000) or DACA-Plus (1.8M) ?  If 800K Dreamers are blameless bc their parent "brought" them, what about unaccompanied minor children - who's to "blame" for them (other than they themselves)? Any legalization should be limited to the 700,000.
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What was your first job as a journalist?

Never had a journalism job. Always been free lance.

How is social media changing news?

Compresses the news cycle. Expands sources of, and disintermediates (fewer editors curate), news and commentary.

Why did you become a journalist?

Originally, because I was *issed off about the Iraq War, the worst foreign policy mistake in U.S. history