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Where will my one line press release go?
One line press releases are added to Muck Rack's press release page and sent out by the @MuckRack Twitter account. The most recent press releases are featured on Muck Rack's homepage.

How much does it cost?
Journalists are busy, so they appreciate brevity. The cost is $1 per character, so if your press release is 60 characters it will cost $60. The minimum fee is $50.

How do I pay for it?
Pay easily and securely using your credit card on our checkout page.

What should I put in my one line press release?
You can include announcements, links to full press releases, contact information, and mention other relevant Twitter accounts (e.g. @yourcompany).

Who uses this service?
Hundreds of companies and organizations including PepsiCo, Hootsuite, Microsoft, WNET, Accenture and UC-Berkeley have sent one line press releases on Muck Rack.

How can I measure my press release's reach?
Using a URL shortener such as or to shorten links to longer press releases will allow you to track how many people have clicked on that link.

How long will it take for my press release to become public?
Your press release will published live immediately on and will be tweeted from @MuckRack once it is approved by Muck Rack's editors.

Do I need to have a Twitter account to use this service?
No, but it couldn't hurt.