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@tempokemp Not necessarily. I remember when Gebrselassie broke one of his marathon WRs he was about 5% at the finish line too. You can lose that much if conditions are right, as long as you're not uncomfortably thirsty. It would be rare though. 2-3% normal.
@nemeseri Thank you, and thanks for the engagement. Let's see what their defense raises, and maybe we'll come back to this chat and I'll be saying you called it right! Let's see!
@doclip1 also, I can't believe you used an H-index to a) not bother to read an opinion, and b) launch an ad-hom attack. You little dinosaur, you. how very cute. I'm really listening for any constructive input, and would gladly debate you on doping any time I'm in the UK.
@nemeseri Maybe he did. Like I said, I can't rule it out. The case will reveal that. But his words re it not being a positive test, he's talking there about the fact that Salbutamol is distinct from say, clenbuterol on the list. So it's an AAF, not a positive.
@doclip1 You used an H-index to evaluate whether an opinion was worth reading? You little dinosaur you. Bet you did even read the topic. Bet you won't even make a constructive contribution to a thing I said. I'm really listening, try me.
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