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Last time for the #fourminutemull video I did on pacing strategy, and what it reveals about physiological regulation, and limits to performance. Thread has some new additional slides on the distance WRs and how the pacing is evolving over time 
@ziggibson @GuruAnaerobic @sweatscience @analyseFooty Ok, one last one - average variation in secs from one kilometer to the next for all WRs. A perfectly flat line would have a value of 0, whereas say 2:48, 2:42, 2:45, 2:38 for 4km would be average of 4s variation. It’s pretty clear: 5 of 6 smallest in last 9 WRs, incl 4 smallest
@Chris_Stevens1 Yes, that would still be possible! The limit is probably theoretical in that regard.
@andrew1logue @nichola17740138 @MRasmussen1974 Yes, exactly. Given how many endurance athletes are using salbutamol, you’d have expected a host of them. I suspect that Sky would argue that few salbutamol users ever go close to the maximum allowed inhaled dose of 800 mcg in 12 hrs, to explain this one away.
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