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I fear for whoever masterminds baby clothing aesthetics: “I’d like it to be business casual, but…  https://www.instagram.com/p/Bgd9L9RjnDd/ 
@Kate_Kelly_Esq If I can see proof of a pattern of Aiston surveilling people, using slurs, maintaining persistent unwanted contact after the person has requested to be left alone, exploiting Twitter architecture through false mass-reports, etc, I'm happy to correct my statement.
@Kate_Kelly_Esq I don't "admittedly know nothing," but I can behave like an adult and admit I might be wrong. Thus far, I have seen her respond in an intense way to people who initiated hostile conversations, clearly angry and in the context of intense harassment.
@Kate_Kelly_Esq She doesn't have to be "blameless" or likable or even a very good person for this to be true. And it should worry people that the mass-report worked, because trolling women off social platforms is a pattern for these guys, whether or not you like the targets.
@Kate_Kelly_Esq I'm not ruling out the possibility that she's said things that are worse than what I've seen, but the people specifically saying this is a political victory, that they silenced her due to her politics, that they want her dead or to limit her employment, etc., are very real.
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