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@TashaRobinson I am so happy to see this. The Evanston movie theater had Wakanda Wings and they were just barbecue wings which pissed me off since it was such an obvious missed opportunity to use African spices like berbere or peri peri. How were they?
I had the pleasure of playing #EarwormGame at GenCon last year and it was amazingly fun and resulted in lots of laughing, singing and making fun of people. Now it's on Kickstarter with some very cool art. Go buy it! 
@ImAaronJ Yeah. I was also a lot happier when I unlocked a new costume so she stopped looking like an Abercrombie model got stuck in Dragon Age.
@ImAaronJ Yeah. It's nice that you get to keep the gun because after that scene I really needed the catharsis of murdering that guy's men.
@mintblacklotus Hah hah. Yeah. I've had that happen too only to realize I was missing some fundamental part of the game like using power moves which is even more embarrassing.
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