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The Most Tax-Friendly States in the U.S. — The Internet has given rise to a mobile workforce of telecommuters, independent contractors and entrepreneurs who can work where they want to live, instead of living where they have to work. But if you enjoy this kind of flexibility, proximity to ski slopes or beaches shouldn't be your only criteria in selecting a home state.

The Least Tax-Friendly States in the U.S. — Lots of people fret about how much they have to pay Uncle Sam, but he's not the only tax man you have to worry about: Your state can squeeze you for plenty of taxes, too. State income taxes or property taxes could cost you thousands of dollars every year.

Retirement: Who needs a living trust? - Tulsa World: Columnists — A revocable living trust can be a valuable estate-planning tool for people with fractious families, a complex estate or property in more than one state. Assets placed in a living trust go directly to your heirs when you die, bypassing probate. Promoters of living trusts often play up this advantage because probate can be lengthy and costly.

Family finances: Big ideas for tax reform - Tulsa World: Money Power — Americans don't agree on much, but on one issue there's broad consensus: The tax system is a mess. Nearly 60 percent believe the tax code is so flawed that Congress should overhaul it, according to the Pew Research Center. This discontent hasn't gone unnoticed by the presidential candidates.

4 Ambitious Ideas for Tax Reform — Americans don't agree on much, but on one issue there's broad consensus: The tax system is a mess. Nearly 60% believe the tax code is so flawed that.

Family finances: What women need to know about money - Tulsa World: Money Power — First, the good news: The gender gap that has long put women at an economic disadvantage is closing. Women now graduate from college in higher numbers than men, and the pay gap narrows considerably (often to the point of disappearing) for men and women with similar educational backgrounds and jobs.

Retirement: Plan for health costs - Tulsa World: Money Power — Your health care costs are likely to rise in retirement, posing a threat to your retirement security. Fidelity Investments estimates that a 65-year-old couple who retired in 2015 will spend $245,000 on health care in retirement. That's up 29 percent since 2005, reflecting rising medical costs and longer life expectancies.

Retirement: Do the math on retirement income - Tulsa World: Money Power — Couples nearing retirement have to make key decisions about where and how to live, as well as how to ensure that any pension or annuity payments go to the survivor - often the wife - and how to maximize Social Security for both of you when one spouse - often the husband - is the high earner.

Family finances: Use a side gig to help make a million - Tulsa World: Columnists — A part-time job or side gig courtesy of the sharing economy could be the ticket to generating some extra cash. If you invest the money or use it to, say, help you buy a house, you'll get closer to a $1 million goal.

Family finances: Make a million by starting your own business - Tulsa World: Columnists

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Aug 26, 2016

Follow @JohnWaggoner @ChrisWoodyard @mattkrantz and you'll stop seeing photos of friends on vacation while you're at work.

Aug 26, 2016

@washingtonpost UVA under fire for raising tuition while stockpiling $2.2 billion in reserves. 

Aug 26, 2016

RT @JeanChatzky: 72% of American families are saving for their kids' college, a 24% increase from 2007. @CNBC 

Aug 26, 2016

RT @sarahportlock: Since 2007, middle-class spending on “basic needs” fell in every category—except health 🔓

Aug 26, 2016

RT @Clay1016: British Olympic team's decision to issue 900 identical bags backfires at baggage claim 

Aug 25, 2016

RT @LGers: Free admission to all national parks today through Sunday! Get out there. #NPS100

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