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RT @AH_AdamHughes: Ok. New STAR WARS film. Time for me rate Luke Skywalker's haircuts again, from best to worst. 1. STAR WARS 2. THE LAST…
I've seen #TheLastJedi three times now and each time I like it more. Soooo that's where I stand and I don't see that ever changing. I can nitpick with the best of them, but none are enough to make me hate this movie.
@ChrisAgar90 Right? That's what boggles my mind the most. Do people really not remember what a bad Star Wars movie is?
I'm not shocked there are those who didn't like #TheLastJedi or couldn't get past its flaws, but calling it the worst Star Wars movie feels really out of place. To the point I'm not sure we all saw the same film.
RT @jordanzakarin: OK, what are the alternatives to big corporate internet? Who is working on community non-profit broadband and wirel…
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