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@DnDBeyond @Wizards_DnD For those playing along at home, it seems like the ‘Custom’ option is the most robust way to skirt around the edges and get what I need for now.
@ScottRhodie @DnDBeyond @Wizards_DnD @Miss_Riahne Now maybe a group of 5 players who play together every week will just chip in and share the cost and bingo. Easy. As someone running a family campaign it’s toooo much.
@ScottRhodie @DnDBeyond @Wizards_DnD @Miss_Riahne The deal actually is… if I spend US$360.70 I get permanent access to 23 books. I can THEN pay US$55/year (or $5/month) to share access to everything I’ve purchased with players in my campaigns.
@ScottRhodie @DnDBeyond @Wizards_DnD @Miss_Riahne they’ve embraced digital so well this past few years. That’s what’s upsetting me. Everything I’ve heard about Beyond has been great. I just thought a $5/month sub would unlock all the knowledge I would need. But nope nope nope.
@DnDBeyond @Wizards_DnD OMG just noticed they have ‘purchase options’ so I could buy the background I need. For $2. One little slice of game info. $2. Yeah… nah…
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