managing editor @digiday, @glossyco. @columbiajourn alum. Indian/Singaporean/Canadian transplant.

Diversity and client education: Where agencies should invest their resources - Digiday — Agencies have a resources problem. Employees are being asked to do more with less time and less money. Clients demand more work, created for more platforms and need more KPIs and metrics to prove performance. At the same time, fees get squeezed.

How Trump brought other brands down along with his own - Digiday — Over the course of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump hasn't just made a mess of his own brand but brought down others as well. Here's how the Trump brand has affected other brands and personalities, courtesy of data from Brandwatch.

The effects of the Billy Bush tape on Trump's brand - Infogram, charts & infographics

Growing pains: How agencies see Snapchat's ad-sales approach - Digiday — With Snapchat getting closer to an IPO, ad buyers tell Digiday what it's like working with the platform. They're professional, and unlike other older platforms, less likely to push products. On the other hand, buyers say that Snapchat also only pushes paid -- moving people actively away from organic.

5 charts: Donald Trump’s damaged brand, by the numbers - Digiday — 5 charts: Donald Trump's damaged brand, by the numbers As the Trump campaign continues to implode, the Trump brand - which the GOP candidate has often pointed to as proof of his business acumen - is also taking a significant hit. The interesting thing about the Trump brand is that it's actually worth a lot.

Justify yourself: We ask bloggers why they're valuable to brands - Digiday — Justify yourself: We ask bloggers why they're valuable to brands First Vogue called out bloggers for heralding the death of style. Then, Neiman Marcus piled on, blaming bloggers for changing customer expectations and creating fatigue - before clothes even hit shelves. Other brands, however, are adapting how they work with influencers.

Confessions of a female fashion startup founder - Digiday — Confessions of a female fashion startup founder The life of a fashion entrepreneur is not an easy one: Retail startups are a risky category for VCs, who prefer to invest in scalable, high-growth industries. But being a female entrepreneur is even harder. VCs tend to be overwhelmingly male, uninformed about the business - and patronizing.

'What’s a conflict and what’s not a conflict?': Confessions of an agency search consultant - Digiday — 'What's a conflict and what's not a conflict?': Confessions of an agency search consultant For years, search consultants acted as middlemen, organizing agency reviews for marketers. But the role of a consultant has changed with the times - penny-pinching clients now question whether they need them at all, changing the very model of the business, which was, in theory at least, based on impartial objectivity.

Glossy Preview — Gender is a hot topic in the broader culture and retailers are tapping into the phenomenon with their own definitions of gender, through unisex, gender-neutral and androgynous lines. This month Guess announced a line called His & Hers, a collection that it says balances both masculinity and femininity.

'What's a cask?': What Macallan has learned from its Facebook chatbot - Digiday — Digital is a core tenet of premium Scotch whisky brand Macallan, and it's hoping its experiment with a new Facebook Messenger chatbot will be the next step in its marketing growth.
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Oct 27, 2016

ok but really are you surprised about vine.

Oct 26, 2016

Spoke to @VVFriedman on the Glossy Podcast about why fashion brands shouldn't always listen to the customer. 

Oct 21, 2016

every friday, we profile a Digiday staff in our ongoing #humansofdigiday series. We've done 147 pictures so far. 

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