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No Quick Fix to City of London’s Brexit Conundrum — As the debate over how to carry out Brexit intensifies, the City of London finds itself in the firing line. To some hard-line Brexiters, repeated warnings from bankers about the costs of quitting the European single market and losing passporting rights-which allow U.K.-based firms to sell financial services anywhere in the European Union-smack of special pleading.

EU Pushes Back Against Protectionist Forces — The European Union has always had an ambivalent attitude toward free trade. The early days of the European project were characterized by tensions between those countries that believed a continent with few natural resources had no choice but to be open to the world and those that believed in a "fortress Europe" protected by high tariff walls.

Free-Movement Conundrum Isn’t U.K.’s Only Hurdle to Accessing EU Market — Much of the Brexit debate has focused on a perceived trade-off between controls on migration and membership in the European Union's single market. If only the EU would abandon its dogmatic insistence on the free movement of people, the argument runs, then the obstacles to the U.K.

Brexit Revives Debate Over Prospects for Irish Reunification — It is a mark of how Brexit has upended British politics that Irish reunification is once again a subject of political debate. Until the June referendum, this issue appeared to have been settled for at least a generation.

Britain’s Post-Brexit Trade Ambitions Run Up Against Protectionist Forces

Establishment Politician Plots Insurgent Run for the French Presidency — Emmanuel Macron is nothing if not audacious. Across Europe, mainstream politicians are being squeezed between a nativist right and radical left that are tapping into deep public anxiety about the economic, social and cultural effects of globalization. Euroskepticism everywhere is on the rise and insurgent parties are capitalizing on voter rage against current elites.

Britain’s Thorny Trade Debate — News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. Costs and benefits of quitting EU customs union are anything but clear-cut So far, not so bad. The U.K. economy appears to have bounced back from its post-referendum shock sufficiently to escape a recession this year.

Political Risks Loom Over Buoyant Markets — News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. With central banks nearly tapped out, there may be little they can do to ward off the next crisis What exactly is the market trying to say about the state of the global economy?

Brexit Success Hinges On Global Goodwill — Choosing what is the best trading relationship with the EU depends on how the rest of the world responds to the UK demands , It is hard not to feel sympathy for British officials tasked with delivering Brexit-and indeed, Prime Minister Theresa May's promise to "make a success of it".

Three Questions to Determine Fate of Post-Brexit Britain — It is too soon to count with any certainty the immediate cost of the Brexit vote on the U.K. economy. Some indicators point to a possible recession on the horizon: New manufacturing orders, for instance showed the biggest decline in July for nearly 20 years, while business confidence has taken the steepest dive since 1974.
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Sep 29, 2016

RT @WSJ: Why there is no quick fix to the City of London's Brexit conundrum.  🔓 via WSJ's @Simon_Nixon

Sep 27, 2016

RT @jamesmatesitv: Interesting intervention from fmr French President #Sarkozy tonight. Says if re-elected wd push for new treaty to give UK chance for 2nd ref

Sep 27, 2016

RT @BBCGavinHewitt: WTO is warning of a 'dramatic slowing of trade growth.' Describes it as 'serious slowdown'. Trade likely to grow at slowest pace since 2009.

Sep 27, 2016

RT @tkbeynon: "Delighted you could all be here when you could be having a few rounds of golf with Liam Fox" says Simon Walker at start of IoD conf. Ouch

Sep 26, 2016

Looking forward to discussing Greek crisis with author @yanpal tomorrow evening in London. Tickets here 

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