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@katebevan @GilesYeo @BBCTwo I'm obviously biased but we've looked at over 50k studies over the past 7 years with a team of researchers/pharmds/mds/rds over at  trying to make sense of it without selling supplements/coaching/consulting.
@katebevan @GilesYeo @BBCTwo I'd agree mostly? Zinc and Mg are common deficiencies, and we could use more vitamin D and K in our lives (hard to get via diet). Bioavailability of K is especially a tough nut.
@katebevan @GilesYeo @BBCTwo Furthermore, alleviating deficiencies can restore bodily functions (eg testosterone) to expected baseline.
@katebevan @GilesYeo @BBCTwo Mostly - in targeted fashion it can have clinically significant positive impact.
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