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@SM_Pollard Right! I keep hearing hot takes like "thank God Johnson killed Abrams' dumb mystery boxes" and like do you seriously not get that he set those in place for a reason knowing what was going to happen to them.
@SM_Pollard (Vague Spoilers) Yeah, to hear people tell it, JJ had a plan for Rey's parentage and then Rian came along and totally changed course. I guarantee that did not happen.
RT @mattyglesias: I’m sure it’s true that McCarthy was joking with his colleagues. But the joke is that Donald Trump’s behavior mak…
One weird thing about the conversation surrounding The Last Jedi is the impression that Johnson has scored some victory against Abrams’ vision for the franchise, as if he didn’t set up the world to be subverted intentionally.
RT @PFTompkins: Is the idea to give these people a voice literally ONE AT A TIME? How many are left? I just wanna have a sense of w…
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