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Best Sword Fighting Movies & TV Shows of Swordsmen With Mustaches

thrillist.com — Outcast flopped spectacularly; the 2015 movie failed to make back even a fifth of its budget worldwide and never even received a theatrical release in North America. But don't blame Nicolas Cage for that! The man gave it his all, and whoever OK'ed him shouting the line, "I am the White Ghost!"

Mara Wilson & Crew Talk Matilda's 20th Anniversary

thrillist.com — Robin Swicord (screenwriter): [My husband and writing partner Nicholas Kazan and I] said, "How about we write this for free? If you do like it, we'll go out together as partners." Liccy Dahl, his widow, was open to working that way. She couldn't sell it to anyone else until she'd seen our screenplay.

GoT Swords, Valyrian Steel, & Battles

thrillist.com — This fight is probably the highlight of the Dornish plot, if for no other reason than this GIF. In the early seasons, Jorah the Andal wore his heavy armor every time he fought -- and this isn't the last time he would get nicked in the cheek by an arakh blade.

Chuck Jones’ Final Masterpiece Is an Early ’00s Flash Animation Artifact

medium.com — We're obsessed with Chuck Jones. One of the early name candidates for this publication was, in fact, " Jonesland," if you'll believe it. (Like, err, Grantland... but for cartoons! Fun, right? OK, fine.) Luckily, we went with a nod to one of his best shorts instead, and the rest is history.

Game of Thrones Season 6 Spoilers

thrillist.com — After the many teases found in the Season 6 "Game of Thrones" trailer, we asked the actor who plays Davos Seaworth what's really…

How to Make a Burger Like Ernest Hemingway

esquire.com — By now, we've told you how to drink and write like Ernest Hemingway. It's actually a favorite topic of ours because the man was so legitimately fascinating. But a new release by the JFK Presidential Library and Museum has just dropped a gut bomb of a recipe for just about the manliest food you could make: a burger, of course, by Papa himself.

The Force Awakens Behind the Scenes Video

esquire.com — Advertisement - Continue Reading Below The party line surrounding Star Wars: The Force Awakens is that the film is an unequivocal return to form. Specifically: Episode VII will feature a greater emphasis on real sets, in-camera effects, and, the hope is, less of a reliance on CGI than the three prequels.

Fantastic Four 1994 - Doomed! Documentary

esquire.com — A Fantastic Four movie produced by legendary B-movie maven Roger Corman from the early '90s was made for $1.5 million at most, shot in three weeks, only exists because a studio executive was scrambling to meet a contractual deadline, and no one has ever seen it without breaking the law.

Is Stannis Baratheon Dead or Alive?

esquire.com — Warning: This post has MAJOR SPOILERS for the end of Season 5 of Game of Thrones (and maybe even the unreleased book The Winds of Winter). Those of us who truly obsess over the show Game of Thrones and George R.R.

Kentucky Governor to County Clerk: Issue Same-Sex Licenses or Resign

esquire.com — On Monday, two Kentucky men proved that the (perfectly mundane) act of promising to love someone for a very long time on paper still isn't OK with some people: "We feel that it's our right as citizens, according to the Supreme Court and according to the governor of Kentucky that we should be able to get married," David W.
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