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Author of new book Rape Culture Hysteria: Fixing the Damage Done to Men and Women. Ebook: tinyurl.com/zo33hgc Print: tinyurl.com/jod97cv

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My latest article for bitcoin:  https://tinyurl.com/ybh779r9  "Silence and Soul in the Crypto Cold War – the Evolution of Privacy." It is part of a series in which I redefine privacy and the controversy raging around the subject. I am in the commentary section. I hope to see you.
Not the Onion. "China bans letter N and George Orwell's Animal Farm as President Xi JinPing extends grip on power" Hmm...CHINA without an N is CHIA. Actually CHIA just blocked N from its version of the internet...and rescinded that, as I understand.  https://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/china-bans-the-letter-n-and-george-orwells-animal-farm-as-president-xi-jinping-extends-grip-on-power-a3777686.html 
Revolution! My latest bitcoin article: "Privacy Is the Virtue That Sparked the American Revolution." A different interpretation of the American Revolution, along with supporting evidence. Privacy as a basic human right that has driven revolutions. there.  https://news.bitcoin.com/wendy-mcelroy-privacy-is-the-virtue-that-sparked-the-american-revolution/ 
Privacy is essential to human rights and indistinguishable from one. The latest segment of The Satoshi Revolution is available!:  https://tinyurl.com/ybflnv4e  "(Crypto) Privacy Prevents Violence and Real Crime." JOIN THE ONGOING DISCUSSION. I respond to comments. Shares appreciated.
This cow is my hero...er, heroine. "Cow escapes on way to slaughterhouse, smashes through metal fence, breaks arm of man trying to catch her then swims to safety on island in lake." And, then, the story gets better.  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/cows-escapes-slaughterhouse-poland-rams-fence-swims-island-lake-nysa-a8214266.html 
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