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@GilCabrera @mlipkin Thanks for reading checking on it for us. May call you as many are saying “it’s illegal”
@LoveForgivPeace @anblanx I need to ask you more about this soon. Did not know. Thank you,
@LoveForgivPeace @ShaunKing @Tshombe77 Yea. The problem with any software is it takes a supervisor to recognize the reading, I guess. They got software after Arevelos to detect perv cops ... I wonder if we could get it or any flags it’s produced. I gotta get a life now tho! Night. 😘😘😘
@LoveForgivPeace Yes. That’s interesting. Don’t start getting me sent out to the far east county on a daily basis though. 😉 I’m v. interested in their “mission creep” if you will, if that’s ok term to use b/c I think it’s happening in Allied Gardens & Chula Vista. That’s a public kill w/Medina
@LoveForgivPeace @anblanx Very very public killings obviously. All post prison suspects. There was an Alpine motorcycle gang homicide too I worked nothing really unusual about it. Other than he was living perfect life on low level construction job. House, four kids, all club sports, 2 Hawaii vacays/year
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