@Thrillist, with stops at @EW, @AroundTheNFL, and @Reuters. I'll ride for Yeezy and The Americans. @USC alumnus.

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Most recently, I was a News Writer for EW.com, where I covered the latest news in movies, TV, music, and the rest of pop culture. My work has been featured on NFL.com, Reuters, SLAM, American Soccer Now, and Rivals, and I've covered events from red carpets, to concerts, to Los Angeles Lakers and ...

Have you ever used a typewriter?

Once upon a time. My dad busted one out, a long time back.

Who's your favorite fictional journalist?

William Miller, "Almost Famous."

When's the best time to pitch you?

Early in my shift, but after I've started working. There's nothing worse than sifting through a handful of stories at once.