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Success Far From Certain for FCC-Backed Robocall Strike Force

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: The level of attention to the problem of Robocalls from the FCC and other stakeholders is promising, but the complexity of this issue makes success questionable. Everyone seems happy about the launch of the Robocall Strike Force, which AT&T is facilitating at the behest of the Federal Communications Commission.

Uber Moves Rapidly Forward With Autonomous Car, Truck Development

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: The Uber car-sharing service takes a major step into the future by joining with Volvo and Otto to bring self-driving vehicles into service within weeks. Just when we boldly announced that self-driving cars would be making their appearance on city streets in the US by 2021, it turns out we weren't bold enough.

Ford Targets 2021 for Autonomous Car Volume Production

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: Ford Motor Co. channels Apple as it ramps up a Silicon Valley office, locks in technology providers and carefully plans its roll-out of autonomous cars. The Ford Motor Company is making a major step into autonomous vehicles, but it's moving carefully into this automotive technology.

Shadow Brokers' Claim of NSA Server Breach Hard to Veryify

eweek.com — NEWS ANALSYSIS: Whether a hacking group actually succeeded in breaching National Security Agency server remains shrouded in mystery and conjecture. The public release by a previously unknown group called the Shadow Brokers of information purportedly stolen from a server run by the National Security Agency's hacking team is providing a lot of fodder for conspiracy theorists, but hard facts are in short supply.

Court Says FCC Broadband Rule Violated State Regulatory Rights

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: The Federal Communications Commission was slapped down in its effort to preempt state laws about municipal broadband, but this case wasn't about whether wide broadband access is a good idea. When the Federal Communications Commission issued its rule preempting state laws that limited local governments' authority to build broadband networks, the commissioners' comments were all about why broadband deployment is good for all concerned.

New FCC Rules Aim to Boost Competition for Business Telecom Services

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: The Federal Communications Commission wants to end monopoly pricing for business data services, which are critical to cell tower operations, ATM networks and other dedicated network access. The chances are, you've never heard of Business Data Services, probably because it's a new name recently coined by the Federal Communications Commission in place of what was previously called "special access."

Walmart Counting on Jet.com Buyout to Help Catch Up With Amazon

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: With its in-house ecommerce efforts going nowhere, Walmart had to find a way to challenge Amazon if the company was going to remain relevant in online retailing. When Jet launched a year ago, part of the hype surrounding the new online shopping service was that it would be less expensive than Amazon and it predicted that it would challenge Amazon in sales.

Windows 10 Linux Feature Brings Real, But Manageable Security Risks

techweekeurope.co.uk — ANALYSIS: Bash support in Windows 10 Anniversary Update is valuable tool for developers, but needs to be used carefully because of potential security risks It should have come as no surprise when it was revealed at the Black Hat USA conference that Windows 10's ability to run some Linux commands through the inclusion of the Bash shell command language also created a security risk.

IT Managers Must Address Risk to Windows 10 From Bash Shell

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: The Bash shell support in the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 is a valuable tool for developers, but it needs to be used carefully because of potential security risks.

Installing Windows 10 Anniversary Update Requires Planning, Testing

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: The new Windows 10 Anniversary Update brings some much needed improvements to Microsoft's newest OS. But successfully completing the installation can be an adventure. It seems as if Microsoft has been talking about its plans to release a major overhaul of Windows 10 in time for the operating system's first birthday since its original release in July 2015.
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