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Yahaira Jacquez is a New York City-based journalist, who is passionate about video storytelling. She graduated in December 2015 and started at Reuters in July 2016. In that time she and her team mates won the Reuters Journalist of the Year Award for Innovative Storytelling.

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Reuters Journalist of the Year

2016 - Best Storytelling Innovation.
Yahaira and the Reuters global social media team won "Best Storytelling Innovation." The awards honor individuals and teams responsible for the top journalism produced by Reuters News in the last year.

Hearst Journalism Award

2016 - Broadcast News
After placing in the Hearst television features competition, Jacquez, along with 9 other semi-finalists, competed for 5 spots in the national championship. Jacquez earned one of those spots and was invited to San Francisco for the final round of competition. While there, the 5 television finalists were given a spot assignment. Tasked with reporting on homelessness in the city, Jacquez chose to cover sleep and how this basic need can't be met. With this story, Jacquez earned 3rd place.