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On Brink of a Sale, Family Shop in Chinatown Stays in Family

nytimes.com — "They are leaving a big pile of cash on the table for their heritage," said the broker, Will Suarez, a director at the commercial real estate company Cushman & Wakefield. Wing on Wo's salvation appeared in Mei Lum, 26, the second-youngest of the family's five grandchildren.

A Bohemian Pedigree (and Free Tapas) in Greenwich Village

nytimes.com — Greenwich Village's bohemian landscape eroded long ago, but a succinctly named cash-only Spanish restaurant that opened in 1966 on West 13th Street called Spain has stayed the same. The Basque-style establishment's dusty awning still extends to the curb. Reviews in a glass display case are 30 years old.

'Belles' still ring, albeit less often

timesunion.com — The office of the Belles Receptionists & Answering Service hums with ringing phones and the polite greetings of operators in a small building on the East Side of midtown Manhattan. Metal pegs around its face can be flipped to set an alarm; the device hasn't been used much since the service was founded in 1956, but Belles receptionists keep it around for sentimental reasons.

Celebrity Answering Service Endures, Its Secrets Intact

nytimes.com — "We once had a big thing before the media broke it," she said, offering only a tight smile when asked what it was. Woody Allen was among the holdouts for years until he finally cut his line early in the new millennium. Still, he offered his recollections on the Belles in an email.

What Do You See in Art? Nearly 50 People Told Us

nytimes.com — Debi Kops, 69, New York, tour guide The artwork: "Self-Portrait With Wig" (1898-1900) by Pablo Picasso Ms. Kops' take: "He was probably drunk." Another perspective: "I didn't know it was a Picasso. And then like, whoa. It's a Picasso."

A 25-Year-Old Nova in the Smoked Fish Universe

nytimes.com — The phrase most often spoken at Sable's, an appetizing shop established on the Upper East Side in 1991, is probably, "Can I get a ... ?" "Can I get a half-pound of nova?" "Can I get a container of whitefish salad and two bagels?" "Can I get a third of gravlax and some pickled herring?"

From Cathedral or Saloon to Guitar

nytimes.com — A block of charred wood wrapped in rope sat at the entrance of Rick Kelly's guitar shop in the West Village. He carted it from the scorched site of the Serbian Orthodox cathedral destroyed in a fire in the Flatiron district last month.

A Photographer Views the Met Gala With a Sly Eye

nytimes.com — Landon Nordeman approaches red carpet photography as though it were street photography. He favors reflective moments over splashy ones, unassuming ones over Instagrammable ones, slyly poking the occasional hole in the polished sheen of celebrity culture.

His brother’s keeper: a Ramones tour of Queens

watertowndailytimes.com — NEW YORK - Mickey Leigh walked up to a small house on an unremarkable street in Forest Hills, Queens. The teenager who answered the door was unsure what to make of the tall man with salt-and-pepper hair standing before him wearing black jeans, a long black coat and dirty yellow Converse sneakers.

New York Primary Converges With Fish and Passover Prep

nytimes.com — At a small fish market on Lee Avenue, a commercial artery of the Orthodox community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, customers rushed around carrying baskets, securing provisions for Passover meals. Fishmongers, standing behind the counter of iced fish, were too busy to talk. One man, presumably a customer, remarked that few people would be willing to make [...]
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Oct 27, 2016

@tkretchmar nice piece. Though don't know if I'd say Oceana is exactly Times Sq restaurant..? Expense account midtown though for sure.

Oct 27, 2016

RT @molly__o: In case you haven't read it yet, @ptrmsk's speculative fiction–journo hybrid on the future of protest is excellent https://t.co/pCyQpaUCo6

Oct 27, 2016

RT @markopp1: this is the stupidest of all positions: Rep. Chaffetz says he'll vote for Trump but won't endorse him  http://politi.co/2eNXvhG 

Oct 26, 2016

RT @michaelluo: Love this @andrewkeh essay and accompanying video, reliving Linsanity, ruminating on the Asian American experience. https://t.co/y6oXbMOZGp

Oct 26, 2016

RT @JohnBranchNYT: Only Jeremy Lin should be called Jeremy Lin. @andrewkeh with important lessons in racism among the not-funny jokes. https://t.co/AG3rwjfjMO

Oct 26, 2016

RT @michaelluo: Personal news here that is bittersweet to even say: Leaving @nytimes, a place I revere and love, for @newyorker. https://t.co/jgmERtFbqk

Oct 26, 2016

RT @ChristineMuhlke: Patti Smith sighting at Omen: #1 reason to stay in NYC.

Oct 26, 2016

OH at midtown bar: "I know a guy called Reggie from Canada. And he's making a sh$t ton of money. You guys gotta meet up."

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