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Let’s face it: you can’t operate a successful PR organization or even a single campaign with some spreadsheets and a rolodex. From managing contacts to collaborating with colleagues and efficiently connecting with the right journalists, PR software has become an essential tool for every business. With Muck Rack’s easy-to-use PR software, you get all that—and more.

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Power up your search

The media landscape is changing faster than ever, and PR software can keep you ahead of the game. It starts with our robust but easy-to-use search function. Sure, you can search by media outlet. But why not go deeper to get more targeted with your outreach?

Search by competitor, industry, brand, product, keyword, hashtag and more. You’ll instantly find journalists covering any topic in articles and on social media. Want to find the perfect entry point into a relevant, meaningful interaction? Muck Rack’s PR software lets you search the full text of articles and the tweets shared by journalists.

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Deliver the perfect pitch

A comprehensive media database and PR software that keeps up with your process is the requirement for effective PR in today’s media landscape, but you need more than just a large, static database. Our simple, elegant PR software gives you all the information you need to develop, personalize and deliver a perfect pitch.

With complete journalist data, including up-to-date contact information, articles, tweets, beats, bios and social links all in one place, you’ll have everything you need to reach the reporters who want to hear from you. You’ll also find comprehensive data on media outlets, their audience metrics and contact information. Build media lists, share them with colleagues and quickly create reports. Muck Rack makes it easy.

Collaborate and build relationships

As an all-in-one relationship management system, Muck Rack’s PR software is your communications and collaboration hub. Through the simple and approachable interface, you can quickly pinpoint journalists to engage with. And because it’s so easy to compile and save media lists for your campaigns, you can organize your outreach and manage your information and workflows more efficiently.

Keep the whole team in the loop with the ability to log, track and monitor interactions and follow-ups directly in your PR sofware. And you don’t have to worry about losing important information about your contacts and previous interactions when a teammate is on vacation. All that critical knowledge is maintained in your PR software, so you can keep moving forward without missing a beat.

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Monitor the media from your inbox

Never miss out on a prime media opportunity or get caught off guard in a crisis. When news that you need to be on top of breaks, our PR software will deliver it right to your inbox. Keep track of topics, brands, products, competitors, industries, hashtags and more. With the click of a button, you can create an Alert for any of your search terms and get notified by email when there is a match for a new article or a tweet from a journalist.

Use Alerts to track coverage of your latest release or event, or to find the right time to reach out to reporters on your saved media lists. Because we doesn’t wait for articles to be ranked on Google, you can receive the latest news when it breaks or as a daily digest when you check your morning email.

Quantify your impact and ROI

Gathering data, reporting your results and measuring impact are all essential for proving the business value of your efforts. Why not turn this time-consuming job over to your PR software? With Muck Rack, you’ll be able to spend more time building meaningful relationships instead of building manual charts and spreadsheets in legacy PR software platforms.

Quickly create and share coverage reports, find out who’s shared your stories, and uncover valuable data to inform future PR strategies and campaigns. Automatically compile and organize new press hits and track key metrics, including social shares, unique monthly visitors and total pageviews, to quantify your campaigns. Demonstrating the ROI of your work has never been easier.

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