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To get your job done, you have to be able to connect with the right media outlets and influencers, and you can’t do that without an up-to-date media database. But let’s face it: That’s table stakes. To be successful in today’s dynamic media landscape, you need a new level of speed, sophistication and reliability from your PR software. Muck Rack’s media database arms you with the next-generation approach, one that’s built to keep pace with the digital and social worlds.

With up-to-the-minute information on what journalists are writing about and sharing on social media, Muck Rack allows you to make unique connections that just aren’t possible with only a traditional media database. And it’s not just powerful—it’s easy-to-use. Your process of discovering and building relationships with key media contacts, tracking the progress of your outreach, and collaborating with teammates is ready for the next level.

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Capturing today’s media universe

Get instant access to the entire media ecosystem in a single journalist database. You’ll find contacts in our media database at traditional print publications, like newspapers, magazines and journals, as well as at television, radio, newswires, digital/online outlets and blogs. We do the sorting and categorizing for you so you can narrow it down to the reporters, editors, publishers, contributors, columnists and freelancers you need to reach.

Muck Rack also includes fully integrated digital/social monitoring of the media database, as well as coverage reporting for articles and social to track specific journalists sharing content. That means the data you have is as current as the latest tweet or byline published.

Muck Rack media lists

Generate media hits where they matter

It has never been easier than to generate media hits with the outlets that matter most for your brand or story. The advanced search capabilities in our media database allow you to quickly cull through hundreds of thousands of data points so you can find the right contacts to connect with. In addition to outlet, you can search by location, media types, beats, tweets, bylined articles and date.

It’s your single stop for robust journalist social media profiles and contact information. And with our advanced technology, we identify journalism job changes for compiling the most up-to-date profile possible.

An all-in-one media database and PR platform for your team

Forget having to juggle spreadsheets, keep up with reporter moves and changes, or check and recheck the accuracy of your data. Because it’s an all-in-one media database and PR platform, Muck Rack gives you an easy-to-use single source for list-building, pitching, tracking and reporting. With the click of a button you can create and save dynamic media lists for every campaign or topic you’re tracking. Your data will always be up-to-date when you log in, ready for your next pitch.

Then take it to the next level by turning your media database into a relationship management system for your team or campaign. Build a media list, reach out to journalists, track your interactions and receive alerts for new press hits in your inbox. Collaborating with teammates and keeping your organization's critical data in one place has never been so easy.

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