GamesFirst! is a longstanding independent online videogame magazine. GamesFirst! Internet Magazine was founded in 1995 by Zap Reicken and Cactus Computers in Moscow, Idaho. The domain was registered in 1996, and GF! became one of the first PC gaming websites online. In 1998, GamesFirst! was bought by Rick Fehrenbacher and Al Wildey, two professors at the University of Idaho. In 1999, GamesFirst! attended E3 for the first time, and the site also began its multiplatform gaming coverage that year with the addition of Shawn Rider as the Consoles section editor. Together, these three defined the direction of GF! for the years to come: Thoughtful and candid content. Games are for everyone. Games are a form of art. Games are worthy of study and attention. It is an adherence to these tenets that has guided GF! ever since. Source

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