Jadaliyya is an independent ezine produced by ASI (Arab Studies Institute), the umbrella organization that produces Arab Studies Journal, Tadween Publishing, FAMA, and Quilting Point. Jadaliyya provides a unique source of insight and critical analysis that combines local knowledge, scholarship, and advocacy with an eye to audiences in the United States, the Middle East and beyond. The site currently publishes posts both in Arabic, French, English, and Turkish. Jadaliyya is run and produced on a primarily voluntary basis by an editorial team and expanding pool of contributors committed to discussing the Arab world on its own terms. Where others see only a security threat, conflict, or data on a graph, we see a region inhabited by living communities and dynamic societies. In late 2011, ASI received funding for the first time in twenty years. ASI has received funding from the Social Science Research Council, the Open Society Institute. By design, existing funding for ASI does not cover all its operational costs. To prevent reliance on external funding, at least two-thirds of ASI's labor is voluntary, down from one-hundred percent prior to October 2011. All funds come with absolutely no strings attached, as is reflected in the work and production of all five organizations under the umbrella of ASI. For more information on the development of Jadaliyya, please consult this interview. Source

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