Modern Farmer

Founded in April 2013,[1] Modern Farmer is a quarterly American magazine devoted to agriculture and food.[2] The magazine is unique in that it attempts to have equally rural and urban readers,[3] and to "appeal to the person who wants to romanticize farming and the person who is knee deep in turkey droppings", according to The New York Times.[1] In 2014, the publication won the National Magazine Awards for the Magazine Section.[4] Modern Farmer covers feature livestock and its articles include those like a series of interviews with agriculture ministers from around the globe.[5] Its stories tend to take a "farm to table" perspective, comprehensively covering food and agriculture topics like Greek yogurt or feral pigs.[6] In addition to the print magazine, it has a popular website; its "goatcam", a public web cam of goats, produced 60,000 pageviews alone.[7] Source

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