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Written by a team of dedicated tabletop gamers, Tabletop Gaming is a magazine dedicated to this increasingly popular hobby. From family board games like King of Tokyo to in-depth wargames like Kings of War or futuristic skirmish titles such as Infinity, we’re aiming to bring enthusiasts unrivalled coverage, including exclusive interviews, in-depth guides and more! Whether it’s simple card games or complicated strategy titles with hundreds of detailed miniatures, tabletop gaming has been going through a renaissance over the past couple of years. Many friendly local gaming stores are busier than ever and thanks to crowd funding websites like Kickstarter, dozens of new tabletop games are joining established products like Catan, Carcassonne or Ticket to Ride. However, it seemed amazing that despite some of these games making millions on Kickstarter, there wasn’t a magazine to celebrate this amazing hobby… and we’re filling that gap with a high quality publication. Source

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