Pitching—Personalized Outreach at Scale

How important is personalization to your media relations efforts? The numbers (and journalists) don’t lie: Lack of personalization is the number one reason journalists reject otherwise relevant pitches. But with legacy software solutions focusing on mass distribution, journalists have been inundated with PR spam over the last decade, driving a further wedge between reporters and media relations professionals. The good news is, the era of pray-and-spray PR is over.

Muck Rack Pitches gives you a better way to use technology. Instead of blasting out generic messages to overflowing inboxes or sending out spammy press releases via newswire services, you’ll deliver more value to journalists and get better results from your efforts. Integrated within Muck Rack’s PR software, our Pitches feature lets you quickly and easily customize reporter outreach, track metrics related to those messages and organize your company’s relationship history with every journalist—all in one place.

Send personalized pitches with Muck Rack

Engage journalists one-to-one

You’ve compiled your list of journalists to invite to an upcoming exclusive event. You know that they won’t take a mass email invitation seriously, so you’re going to have to personalize the messages and show them that you’ve done your homework about what they cover. There’s one other thing you know: You’re in for a long night of manual work. Or are you?

By bringing radical efficiency to the personalization process, Muck Rack’s Pitches makes it easy for you to engage with journalists in the way they prefer and build strong, meaningful relationships that benefit you both. And since Pitches works seamlessly with your Media Lists and journalists’ profiles, any outreach is simple, fast and, most importantly, personalized.

Muck Rack journalist media lists send pitch

Construct the perfect pitch

The perfect pitch begins with the right audience. Leverage Muck Rack’s advanced search feature and the invaluable intel it provides—such as the most recent articles the journalist has written, what they’ve shared on social media and more—to build highly targeted media lists of the journalists most likely to be interested in your pitch.

Then use Pitches to easily customize content for each recipient. With built-in functionality that leverages the best practices we’ve learned from working with thousands of media professionals and tens of thousands of journalists, Pitches gives you everything you need to optimize your pitch.You can also start a new pitch from any Media List or journalist profile page. Just hit “Send Pitch,” and Muck Rack will guide you through the process. After creating a template for your pitch, you’ll be able to send hyper-targeted pitches to the right journalists while still maintaining a personal, one-to-one connection with each message sent.

Muck Rack pitch email metrics

Track key email metrics

For far too long, email pitches have lived in a grey area without any clear way to measure their effectiveness. But as anyone who works in media relations knows, there’s no room for error or guesswork when sending embargoed stories and news to journalists.

With Pitches, it’s easy to view and understand the effectiveness of your pitches through the lens of best-in-class email metrics like open and click-through rates. With real, hard data about the pitches you send through Muck Rack, you’ll be able to:

  • Measure their effectiveness so you know what’s been successful and where you need to improve
  • Keep your Media Lists “clean,” including only the journalists who actually want to receive your content
  • Determine which journalists to follow up with and when
  • Evaluate crucial feedback from journalists who are not interested in your pitch

Muck Rack journalist profile recent activity

Organize relationship history

As you build meaningful reporter relationships, having records of which teammates interacted with a journalist and how the conversation went is too important to be buried in one person’s inbox. But maintaining an unwieldy (and often quickly outdated) list of journalist contacts can be a huge undertaking. Muck Rack gives you a smarter, faster and more organized way for your team to collaborate on journalist outreach.

The emails you send through Muck Rack are automatically tracked on each journalist’s profile so that you can easily see which teammates have interacted with a journalist, what they pitched and when they pitched it. All the historical data you need is safe, thorough and up-to-date, ready when you need it.

“Efficient, responsive, reliable, or ‘Lean on Me’ because that’s what we do—we lean on Muck Rack!”

“Every time I’ve chatted with the customer success team on the phone, they’ve been amazingly responsive and the support has been fantastic.”

“Every time I’ve called upon Muck Rack for help, the team is incredibly responsive and super fast. I’ve always been very pleased with Muck Rack’s customer service.”

“It has honestly been great. Any time I haven’t been able to find contact information for a journalist, the customer success team has been super responsive, often times within minutes. I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the customer success team.”

“I appreciate that Muck Rack’s customer success team is always listening, and always open to feedback. On more than one occasion, the team has reached out to me to see how we’re doing with the platform, and to ask what types of features we’d like to see in the future.”

“I like that you can chat with Muck Rack’s customer success team in real time; you can tell you’re talking to an actual person which is great.”

“No joke, we love this team! It’s been such a pleasure to work with Muck Rack. The help is always there when you need it, in real time, via the chat feature on the platform itself. We’ve encountered issues with some other services and software providers, so to be working with a responsive team like this has been wonderful. We love the ability to chat with a Muck Rack expert—whenever we have a question, we pop into Muck Rack and within minutes, our question is answered. We rely on Muck Rack for accurate targeting, and the reliable customer service is just another added bonus.”

“@muckrack’s customer service is like @ChickfilA on steroids. They go above & beyond. S/o to Vanessa for working magic on my press lists!”

Jasmine Leeward
Communications Associate

“Opinion: made a recent switch to @muckrack -- for any #PR people out there the database is 100x more up to date than @Cision!”

Rachel Livingston
Communications Associate