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@_terroirism_ I’m on antibiotics but I’d love to see you!!!
@mchargraves @LottieandDoof I know!! Trust me, if anyone had asked me I would have insisted she use one of the many cast iron pans in her kitchen. I’m with you. But we give dude chefs so many chances to mess up. Why not her, too? Just wondering out loud.
@LottieandDoof Yes exactly. I mean, I literally yelped and fell off the couch when I first watched the famous 60 mins ep with the egg spoon, and I’ve told ALW I think it set her work back many years. I think we all have some privilege-recognizing to do here.
I don’t know. I just keep finding myself asking these questions again more and more often. It feels an awful lot like the whole women-ruining-rosè thing, or the slow-cooker vs sous vide thing. I think we have to keep examining it all.
Where is the self-reflection there? Where are the back row giggles from @pete_wells about that? Why is it ok for male restaurant chefs to have $1,000 knives and fancy NYC apartments but Tamar is an out of touch hack for living in the countryside and writing in her drafty garage?
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