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With news cycles shrinking, media roles shifting and a huge volume of stories competing for airtime, your job gets tougher by the day. Journalists are more accessible than ever, but they’re also getting flooded with pitches. If you’re not right on target, you’ll be tuned out.

Legacy PR software like Cision and Meltwater will only take you so far. By the time you’ve searched and sorted through Cision's media database, your media list is already out of date.

And products like Cision don’t make it any easier for you to build meaningful relationships with the reporters who cover your company, competitors and industry—which is critical to cut through the noise and get your stories told.

Muck Rack Who Share reports

Beyond the traditional Cision competitors

Here’s the good news: as Cision, Vocus and Gorkana are being consolidated into one company and many products are being discontinued, you still have a lot of choices.

Whether you’re researching CisionPoint competitors, looking for Cision alternatives or are just beginning to evaluate PR software, you don’t have to settle for the same old traditional approach. The media landscape has changed and technology is more powerful, more intuitive and more dynamic. Your PR software should, too.

Questions to ask when evaluating PR software

PR software is no longer just about how many contacts are in the media database. With the landscape changing by the minute, you not only need robust and easy-to-use software, you also need a Cision alternative that makes sure the data you’re working with is accurate and up to date. And it can’t just be about technology. The human element (or lack thereof) can make or break a solution.

Will this make it easy for me to:

  • Find journalists to tell my stories?
  • Organize and manage my PR campaigns?
  • Monitor the media for opportunities and crises?
  • Effectively pitch story ideas to the right journalists?
  • Measure, quantify and report on PR campaigns?

Does Cision's solution include:

  • An experienced editorial director working with a global team to maintain the database of journalists?
  • A way for journalists to update their own information in real-time?
  • One-on-one customer support available for me when I need it?

Here’s how Muck Rack does it

Muck Rack search results

Advanced, intuitive search

It’s nice to be able to search for journalists by media outlet in many Cision alternatives, but imagine how much more targeted you could be if you could also search by keyword, hashtag, phrases and more.

With Muck Rack, you can:

  • Search for any keyword, a competitor, an industry—you name it—and find journalists who cover it
  • See what journalists are sharing on social media
  • Search the full text of articles a journalist has written and shared (a great starting point for engaging them in a meaningful way)

Muck Rack media lists

Living, breathing, shareable, automatically updated media lists

Unlike Cision, Muck Rack uses technology and a team of editors to automatically update journalist profiles when they change beats, publications or locations, you never have to worry that your list will get stale.

  • Import your existing media lists
  • Create media lists with relevant context and information, including emails, social media accounts, media outlet addresses and phone numbers
  • Add private notes, log your pitches, track any meetings or events on journalists’ profiles to manage your outreach and relationship
  • Share media lists with your team so everyone’s in the loop
  • Add journalists and discover new people not included in traditional databases like Cision
  • Engage and build real relationships at the right moment

Muck Rack alert email

Media monitoring for breaking news that’s better than Google alerts

Discover new PR opportunities the moment they happen, and be the first to know when a crisis arises, so you’ll be well-prepared to respond. Muck Rack brings it all directly to your inbox:

  • Track your company, competitors, brands and more
  • Know when a journalist is sourcing for a story (beyond Cision's Help A Reporter Out), sharing information or publishing stories that need your attention in minutes
  • Get alerts on your schedule — as it happens or in a daily digest

Muck Rack journalist profile

Pitching for today’s media environment

Pitching a reporter can be like going on a blind date. Most Cision alternatives will help you find general information for your pitch, but Muck Rack gives you everything you need for a perfect match.

Reach the reporters who want to hear from you:

  • Journalist contact information with email addresses and phone numbers, articles, tweets, bio and social links all in one spot
  • The information you need to make your pitches concise, personal and relevant
  • Instantly exportable contact information from media lists and coverage reports

Get the most important information about outlets and audiences:

  • Audience metrics
  • Phone numbers and mailing addresses, all exportable

Muck Rack Who Shared reports

Measurement that quantifies your PR’s impact and ROI

If you can’t measure and report on it, you can’t demonstrate value to your CFO. Muck Rack takes the complexity, drudgery and wasted time out of measurement while giving you unique data that Cision alternatives lack:

  • Coverage reports that track any keyword or phrase
  • Automatically compile and organize new press hits in one place
  • Metrics for quantifying every campaign, including social shares, unique monthly visitors and total pageviews
  • Social media analytics to see who’s shared your stories, where and how often to help plan future PR strategy
  • Journalist mapping to identify which journalists are following any brand’s, client’s or competitor’s Twitter accounts

Let’s compare

Muck Rack

  • Fully integrated digital / social media monitoring of the database
  • Coverage reporting for articles and social, to track specific journalists sharing content
  • Complete article indexing of your search queries
  • Access to journalist phone, email, and mailing address for direct contact
  • Robust journalist social media profiles all in one place
  • Customizable media lists and alerts straight to your email or computer
  • Using byline / bio-scanning to automatically update profiles

Legacy media databases

  • Limited filtering of media database
  • Static media database and profiles
  • Inaccurate or out-of-date journalist information
  • Exclusion of journalist's social media profiles
  • Coverage tracking only based on articles

Are you ready for a new approach to:

Media monitoring

Media databases

Coverage reports

Media Relations

and more...

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