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Is It Too Early to Call the Election for Hillary Clinton? — protected-iframe id="11f1881c012ab03b26fb39e56ad21833-71129472-76891884" info="" width="100%" height="200" scrolling="no"] With Hillary Clinton up in the polls, The E.R. puts on its prognostication pants. David Rothkopf, Julia Ioffe, Kori...

The Russians at the DNC — She was just off a flight from London, just in time for the last night of the Democratic convention and a strategy meeting for Democratic Party bundlers. She snapchatted a video of campaign manager John Podesta singing "Happy Birthday" to longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin among the artwork hanging on the clean, well-lighted walls of the Philadelphia Academy of the Fine Arts.

Hillary's 'Black Lives' Generation Gap — As the mothers who have lost sons to police spoke on stage, big red flowers pinned to their chests, Evette Simmons, a delegate from Florida and a black woman, sat watching. "What she's done by bringing these women together," she trailed off into an emotional pause.

Life Among the Berned — "I hope you realize the irony of what she's doing," Paul Czisny, a Wisconsin delegate for Bernie, said, nodding his head backward at a young woman standing in the stands, a piece of white tape across her mouth that said in stark black letters SILENCED.

Why Putin hates Hillary — Behind the allegations of a Russian hack of the Democrats is the Kremlin leader's fury at Clinton for challenging the fairness of Russian elections. When mass protests against Russian President Vladimir Putin erupted in Moscow in December 2011, Putin made clear who he thought was really behind them: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Is Trump a Russian Stooge? — That blinding flash of light you saw this weekend? That was the byproduct of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, the American media's two greatest obsessions, fusing into a single intoxicating storyline after the Democratic National Committee's internal emails were hacked and made public with the apparent assistance of Russian hackers, and to the apparent glee of the Republican nominee.

Why Putin hates Hillary — When mass protests against Russian President Vladimir Putin erupted in Moscow in December 2011, Putin made clear who he thought was really behind them: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. With the protesters accusing Putin of having rigged recent elections, the Russian leader pointed an angry finger at Clinton, who had issued a statement sharply critical of the voting results.

'The Exact Type of Immigrant We Want' — When Donald Trump finally came on stage to deliver his speech, Newt Gingrich wiped away tears. And as he bent to hear what Callista said to him, a big, clear, heavy drop fell right from his eye to the floor.

Scenes From the Cruz Underground — There's a Cruz underground at the Republican National Convention, one that claims it's being boxed out and even physically suppressed by an official apparatus determined to throw the party's weight behind Donald Trump. When you walk the halls, they'll come up to you whispering about the injustice, about being silenced, about the "butthurt."

The World Looks at Trump, Confused — The theme of tonight's Republican National Convention is "Making America First Again"-a reference to our nation's place in the world, and to Donald Trump's foreign policy vision-and there's a small room walled off by blue fabric in the back of the Cleveland Convention Center packed with people sent here to puzzle out exactly what that means.
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Aug 26, 2016

RT @ThePlumLineGS: Funniest thing about NBC interview with Trump's doctor is that he somehow knew to place special emphasis on Trump's mental health.

Aug 26, 2016

The view on our election from Moscow: this young lady is running for the Russian parliament.

Aug 26, 2016

Oh, that mafia-linked Russian guy who says he's no longer doing business with Trump? Turns out, he still is. 

Aug 26, 2016

@NickBaumann I deserve a trophy, and I am excited about its design.

Aug 26, 2016

Weird: it wasn't my weighing on the alt-right that got my trolls fired up, it was my thoughts on the #BurkiniBan.

Aug 26, 2016

TFW you call someone in Russia for a story and they accuse you of onanism. "And you don't need me for that." I love this election.

Aug 26, 2016

@KevinRothrock To be fair, with Britain out, they are now the beating heart of the EU.

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