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Find and contact journalists, bloggers and freelancers who cover your niche or industry, monitor the news as it breaks, and generate quantifiable reports on your PR efforts.

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The new standard in PR software

There have never been more opportunities to tell your story to the public. But most PR tools haven’t fundamentally changed since the first journalist directory was published in 1952. Today, like then, too many press releases are aimlessly blasted out. Journalists are still spammed because of antiquated media databases. PR pros still don't get that many responses. And the question of how to quantify the impact of any PR campaign lingers.

Muck Rack changes all of that. Trusted by top-tier journalists, global PR agencies, and Fortune 500 companies, as well as many boutique agencies and entrepreneurs, Muck Rack takes a fresh approach to PR software.

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Muck Rack search results

Find journalists, bloggers, and freelancers to tell your story

Finding journalists who are interested in your company, products, and campaigns has never been easier. But a journalist’s beat only tells you so much about the topics they cover. Muck Rack helps you search by beat and far beyond to discover what journalists are sharing on social media, the most recent articles they’ve written, and more.

It’s invaluable intel for building mutually beneficial relationships with the journalists who care most about what you have to say.

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Muck Rack Pitches

Target your outreach

Journalists are more accessible than ever and there are more opportunities to tell your story, but they’re also getting flooded with pitches. If you’re not right on target, you’ll be tuned out. Lack of personalization is the #1 reason why journalists reject otherwise relevant pitches -- don’t be part of the problem.

Customizing your pitches and follow-ups means the difference between getting a press hit or ending up in their spam folder. Muck Rack Pitches allows you to maintain your personal touch and one-to-one connection by personalizing your emails at scale.

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Muck Rack alert email

Monitor the media and anticipate crises with Muck Rack Alerts

Timing is everything when it comes to finding new PR opportunities, discovering potential crises, and engaging with journalists through social media.

Muck Rack Alerts notify you any time a journalist is looking for a source or sharing relevant information on social media, or when a story is published that needs your attention in minutes. Track your company and competitors as news breaks and identify which journalists are already interested in topics related to your campaigns.

Muck Rack also makes it easy to identify broadcast coverage to help develop your strategy, report on your successes, contain crises, train executives and more.

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Organize lists, build better relationships and pitch journalists

Collaborate with your teammates to create custom media lists of journalists based on any campaign, topic, location, beat, or past coverage.

With Muck Rack, you never have to worry about maintaining the quality of the data in your lists. Every media list you create will always be kept up-to-date by Muck Rack’s technology and team of experts.

Use your media lists to organize journalists, quickly find social media profiles, and discover their preferred contact information. Share your lists directly with teammates on Muck Rack, or export to Excel and PDF for sharing with clients.

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Muck Rack Who Shared reports

Report on campaigns and coverage

Quantify and justify your PR by seamlessly gathering all relevant data and automatically generating reports.

Muck Rack makes it easy to calculate the impact of any article and identify the specific journalists who are helping your story reach more people, faster. And because you can automatically compile coverage reports with the click of a button, your team won’t have to waste any more time digging for press hits.

Muck Rack also takes the burden off of you by turning your PR campaign’s data into easy-to-digest, professional reports. Export presentation-ready PDF reports or use the CSV export option to access the raw data. Either way, it’s never been easier or faster to measure your work and create comprehensive coverage reports.

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