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@YodaKnight72 @BM_Bourguignon @guardian 1. Journalists don't write their own headlines. 2. As you can read: "French actor says she stands by letter..." saying exactly that she stands by the letter, but she apologised at the end to victims of sex attacks who might have felt offended.
#Macron accused certain NGOs of lying about police brutality and encouraging migrants to stay in #Calais and even go to the UK.
#Macron praises Calais police for what he says is a difficult and unusual mission dealing with migrants, but says their behaviour must be exemplary. No more waking people up in middle of night or using teargas during mealtimes.
#Macron says the message has to be spread and understood: Calais is no longer a secret gateway to Britain and it must no longer be.
#Macron in #Calais calls for the upholding of Dublin agreement requiring migrants to register in first EU country they arrive.
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