Pain Management

Pain is a common, complex and distressing problem– three of the top four principal reasons for US emergency department visits are pain-related. Although acute pain can be a useful alert to a disease or other problem, and usually resolves when the cause has been remedied, it is crucial that treatment is quick and effective to avoid reduced quality of life. Chronic pain, in contrast, presents an enduring challenge, be it related to injury that has healed, due to an unresolved cause such as arthritis or cancer, or in some cases, even when there is no evidence of previous injury or damage to the body. Chronic pain increases in prevalence with age, and as populations become increasingly aged, effective pain management strategies become highly important. Also important is the problem of acute pain transitioning to chronic pain – it is estimated that 85% of the general population will experience low back pain at some point in their lives, and while for most this pain will ease within 4–6 weeks, it is estimated that in up to 30% of these cases pain will persist for a year or more. Source

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