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Launched in 2015, Container Journal’s mission is to become an indispensable resource for education and information around container related computing, education and community building. Our mission is to cover all aspects of containers—philosophy, tools, business impact, best practices and more. Container Journal is operated by MediaOps, Inc., the people behind, DevOpsConnect and Our site is the largest collection of original content related solely to Containers on the web and one of the top results for Containers-related search terms. Our content includes in-depth features, bylined articles, blog posts and breaking news about the topics that resonate with IT readers interested in Containers: Linux, Paas, Docker, Kubernetes, CoreOS, virtualization and more. is led by experienced journalists and technologists who understand both Containers and how to create compelling, informative content. The team behind has real-world experience in technology, cloud, online media, Containers, IT and startups. Source

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