Reporting and Measurement

Whether you work at a Fortune 500 brand or a boutique agency, you have to be able to quantify and report on the impact of your PR campaigns to continually prove your value. But as any PR pro will tell you, that’s usually a lot easier said than done. It can take hours just to track earned media and social shares before you’re even ready to analyze the data and put together a report.

Muck Rack simplifies this often time-consuming and overwhelming process by automating your PR measurement and reporting activities from start to finish. Stop spending your team’s valuable time hunting down articles, manually updating spreadsheets, organizing data and designing reports from scratch. Let Muck Rack’s PR reporting features do the heavy lifting for you.

Muck Rack Coverage Reports sentiment analysis

Automatically aggregate and organize earned media

No need to dig through emails or news sites for clips any more. Muck Rack’s Coverage Reports makes the process quick and painless by collecting press hits for you and generating data-rich reports with graphs.

Articles are automatically added to your Coverage Reports from your Muck Rack Alerts, allowing you to quickly compile clips and add links into one comprehensive report. You’ll instantly get back all those hours you used to spend tracking down articles, copying and pasting links into reports, and generating must-have data for PR reporting and measurement.

Muck Rack Who Shared My Link results exports

Metrics to quantify every PR campaign

Get all the data you need to tell the true story of your campaign’s impact and to shape your next campaigns. Muck Rack offers a variety of data points and metrics to help you measure your PR efforts, including unique visitors per month (UVMs), journalist share and reach, and social shares by network.

With a single click, discover how many times a clip has been shared on social media, and the publication’s UVM. Sort results by journalists, beats or publications, and identify journalists who’ve shared the link so that you can add them to your Media Lists, engage with them on Twitter or pitch them directly. More than just measuring past value, you’re getting a head-start on enhancing your value going forward.

Muck Rack Coverage Reports comparisons

Visualize and report your PR impact

Showcase your results and get the recognition you deserve. Muck Rack’s graphs are automatically generated as new articles are found, displaying the results of your campaigns—including number of articles, article shares, journalist shares and journalist reach—with easy-to read, eye-catching visuals. Quickly export any of these presentation-ready graphs to JPEG, PDF or PNG format, and share them with colleagues to demonstrate the value you’re delivering.

Muck Rack’s robust PR reporting features also allow you to compare multiple coverage reports and easily generate Share of Voice or competitive analysis reports. Having trouble understanding how you’ve improved year-over-year? Add all of the articles you find on Muck Rack to a Coverage Report and zoom into specific times and dates to identify trends that can help you better strategize and plan your PR efforts.

“I love using the Who Shared My Link bookmarklet to easily add second-hand search clips directly to my Coverage Report.”

“Muck Rack has allowed us to expand the scope of our outreach based not only on reporters’ beat but on their areas of interest thanks to the Twitter integration, and nifty tools such as Who Shared My Link and the Coverage Comparison reports.”