I came to Washington in March 1977 as an intern for investigative columnist Jack Anderson and stayed. Started covering defense for Bloomberg in late 1997.

Islamic State Positions Tracked by U.S. Satellites as a Bonus

bloomberg.com — U.S. early warning satellites and sensors designed primarily to detect the launch of missiles carrying nuclear warheads are providing daily streams of intelligence on Islamic State positions in Iraq and Syria, according to defense officials. The system, using a satellite built by Lockheed Martin Corp.

Armed Drone Export Standards Sought by U.S. and Allies | RealClearDefense

Armed Drone Export Standards Sought by U.S. and Dozens of Allies

bloomberg.com — The Obama administration is working with as many as 40 nations to develop principles for the export of armed drones --- and unarmed versions configured to carry weapons -- in recognition of the booming demand worldwide for pilotless aircraft.

Bahrain’s Lockheed F-16 Purchase Said to Come With U.S. Strings

bloomberg.com — The Obama administration has told Congress it won't complete approval for Bahrain to buy as many as 19 F-16 fighter jets from Lockheed Martin Corp. and upgrades for older ones for almost $4 billion until the Gulf ally demonstrates progress on human rights, according to people familiar with the issue.

Pentagon Opens Review of Costliest Carrier Over Navy Objections

bloomberg.com — The Pentagon will start a review next month of the U.S. Navy's costliest warship after resolving Navy objections to the inquiry aimed at determining why the aircraft carrier has faced years of delay. Frank Kendall, the under secretary of defense for acquisition, ordered the review of the $12.9 billion USS Gerald R.

Fighter Jet Sales to Gulf Allies Backed by U.S. After a Wait

bloomberg.com — The U.S. has approved the long-stalled sale of fighter jets by Boeing Co. and Lockheed Martin Corp. to Persian Gulf allies in deals valued at as much as $20 billion, according to people familiar with the decision. The sales to Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait can go ahead unless they are rejected by the U.S.

U.S. to Try Again on Missile Defenses as N. Korea Threat Grows

bloomberg.com — The Pentagon's next test of its ground-based system to destroy missiles aimed at the U.S. is tentatively scheduled for the first quarter of 2017, providing the new president evidence of whether the troubled program could stop the nuclear weapons North Korea threatens to launch.

McCain, Reed Target $29 Billion Littoral Ship for More Changes

bloomberg.com — The Senate's two top defense policy lawmakers want the U.S. Navy to make additional major changes to the service's troubled $29 billion Littoral Combat Ship program or risk losing their support for future purchases.

Air Force Grounds ‘Combat Ready’ F-35s Over Coolant Line Flaws

bloomberg.com — Seven weeks after the Air Force declared its first F-35 jets combat ready, 10 of the aircraft aren't flying after service mechanics discovered "peeling and crumbling" insulation wrapped around lines that carry liquid to cool combat systems and computers. The poor insulation is suspected on 57 aircraft, including 42 on Lockheed Martin Corp.'s production line.

New GPS Satellite’s Delivery Slips Again Over Untested Component

bloomberg.com — The U.S. Air Force's first new GPS satellite, already 28 months late, missed its most recent delivery date last month and won't be shipped until at least December because a subcontractor to Lockheed Martin Corp. failed to conduct testing on a key part years ago.
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Oct 06, 2016

@BGOV reports GAO will release by week of 10-17 its redacted B-21 protest decision from Feb. that upheld NOC bomber award from AF

Oct 06, 2016

MG Lewis discusses w IG on Pg 22-27 use of Govt travel card at `CIca Cica Boom' Club in Rome last yr on DoD trip:  http://www.dodig.mil/pubs/documents/DODIG-2017-001.pdf 

Oct 06, 2016

Pages 3-4 of IG report outline unbecoming behavior by MG Lewis w female subordinates on official trips last year: : http://www.dodig.mil/pubs/documents/DODIG-2017-001.pdf 

Oct 06, 2016

IG Report on MG Lewis. Note details of expenditures on SK, Rome, Maylasia , Hawaii trips last year:  http://www.dodig.mil/pubs/documents/DODIG-2017-001.pdf 

Oct 06, 2016

MG Lewis says of IG probe: ``From onset, this process was unfairly influenced by statements made n actions taken at highest levels'' of DoD

Oct 06, 2016

@DoD_IG report on MG Lewis misconduct out today. He says thr military lawyer ``I acknowledge..I made some of the mistakes,'' contests others

Oct 06, 2016

@Bgov breaks: @DoD_IG Maj. Gen. Ron Lewis misused his government travel charge card for personal expenses, made false official statements

Oct 06, 2016

New use for US warning satellite: Islamic State Positions Tracked by U.S. Satellites as a Bonus  http://bloom.bg/2dx7ec9  via @markets

Oct 05, 2016

Out today:new multi-nation declaration:Armed Drone Export Standards Sought by U.S. and Dozens of Allies  http://bloom.bg/2dJe2qa  via @markets

Sep 30, 2016

Rare conditions on sale worth nearly $4b- Bahrain’s Lockheed F-16 Buy Said to Come With U.S. Strings  http://bloom.bg/2dxhDaS  via @bpolitics

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