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@SimonZerafa In Teller's mind, coming up with the H-bomb and everything else was just him doing kind of obvious things. The only time he got grabby about priority was when people wanted to give it to Ulam instead — he thought Ulam betrayed the work by not supporting it.
@SimonZerafa I think Teller thought that bomb design and physics was just a matter of getting good people together and setting them free to think big ideas. It turns out its a bit more complex than that, but it's an ideology that in some ways could sound self-deprecating.
@Heterocatalytic (To acknowledge that Oppenheimer's wartime activities — lying to security officials, sleeping with Communist mistresses, etc. — would not accord with a 1950s vision of security and loyalty should not be taken to suggest I think the hearings were fair, appropriate, etc.)
@Heterocatalytic I know. I think that he became something of a convenient scapegoat for the larger forces at work, though. Teller's testimony was not nearly as damning, or decisive, as Oppenheimer's own accounts of his failings and unreliability. https://t.co/9K9mgtN18t
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