Writer @Forbes, #entrepreneurs, #smallbiz. Previously BusinessWeek, Money, Forbes, NY Daily News. New Yorker. Dog owner.

Amy Feldman is an award-winning writer and journalist. She writes about business, health care, investing, law, real estate, regulation, taxes and urban development. Her work has appeared recently in Inc., Money, The New York Times and Time, among other publications. She also reviews books for Bloomsbury Review.

Before going freelance in March 2005, Amy was a senior writer at Money magazine, where she investigated corporate wrongdoing, analyzed the tax code ...

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Kickstarter Craze: McLachlan Brothers Raise $6M For A Vinyl Desk Toy For Fidgeters

forbes.com — Talking with Matthew and Mark McLachlan, the brothers behind the Fidget Cube, the latest Kickstarter craze, which has raised nearly $6 million, making it the site's 11th most-funded campaign of all time.

What Salesforce Did For Large Enterprises, Insightly Hopes To Do For Small Companies

forbes.com — Most CRM software is built for large enterprises. So when Insightly created basic software for small businesses, tied to Gmail and Google calendar, it gained 1.2 million users.

Ivy Mid Cap Growth: Rethinking Risk

barrons.com — Kimberly Scott worked as a technology analyst during the bubble before taking over management of the $4.7 billion Ivy Mid Cap Growth fund (ticker: WMGAX) in February 2001. That experience seared into her memory the idea that even growth managers need to pay heed to valuations -- and be very, very careful about risk.

Lord Abbett Duo: Credit Nerds at the Core

barrons.com — Christopher Towle and Steven Rocco, managers of the Lord Abbett High Yield fund, sit next to each other on the open 11th floor of the money manager's Jersey City, N.J., headquarters, close enough to talk bonds all day.

Whitepages Founder Alex Algard Gives Up CEO Slot There To Focus On Caller ID Spinoff Hiya

forbes.com — Whitepages founder Alex Algard steps down as CEO to focus on spinoff Hiya, which wants to safeguard your mobile phone from spam.

New Study: Women Entrepreneurs Ask For Less Financing Than Men, Get Smaller Loans At Higher Rates

forbes.com — New study shows women small business owners ask for lower amounts of financing than men do, and receive lower loan amounts at higher rates.

Couple Behind Urban Accents Talk Spice Mixes, Getting Into Crate & Barrel, Running Company Together

forbes.com — Urban Accents' Tom Knibbs and Jim Dygas started their spice mix company 20 years ago. Now, they're in Crate and Barrel, Whole Foods and Safeway, with sales of roughly $15 million.

Entrepreneur Shoukat Dhanani Runs One Of America's Largest Private Businesses -- Very, Very Quietly

forbes.com — Entrepreneur Shoukat Dhanani has built a giant family business in franchised restaurants (Burger King, Popeyes) and convenience stores without any outside investors.

The Super Sizer: How Greg Flynn Became America's Largest Restaurant Franchisee With $1.9B Revenues

forbes.com — Greg Flynn, a Tesla-driving West Coast dealmaker, isn't the kind of guy you'd expect to be running a bunch of Applebee's and Taco Bells. But using plenty of patience, persistence and institutional capital, he's built America's largest franchise restaurant empire--and made a lot of money.

What It Took To Get Society Nine, A Startup Selling Women's Combat-Fitness Gear, Off The Ground

forbes.com — Society Nine's 27-year-old founder, Lynn Le, sold her stuff, launched a Kickstarter campaign, and went on TV to raise funds for her women's boxing glove and combat sports apparel startup. She hopes to reach $1.5 million in sales in 2017.
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Oct 24, 2016

RT @lfeldman: Did you know that @gofundme takes 5% of every campaign? That's why the soon-to-be unicorn is so profitable…

Oct 24, 2016

@katiemaelamb contributor chris_myers_ wrote a piece on that a few days ago

Oct 20, 2016

RT @jeffkirschner: @mark43's software is helping police in remarkable ways. @amyfeldman's @forbes profile is fantastic. https://t.co/ayTLiAFeTw

Oct 20, 2016

@timy0ung @eniacvc magazine space constraints meant only 2-3 key investors listed per company. Some cos had many more investors than that!

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