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The Observer's award-winning Chief Political Commentator, critically-acclaimed broadcaster and author of Number One best-seller, The End of the Party.

Unleashing Demons: The Inside Story of Brexit by Craig Oliver - review — It is the morning after the shock of the night before. David Cameron comes down from his flat at 7am to discuss his next move with his closest aides. Some of them have been in tears over a referendum result that will eject them and their boss from No 10.

Welcome to Poundland, where life is bliss if you’re a foreign buyer — Marmite, Brexit: both are sticky, strongly flavoured and loved or hated in about even measure. So it is rather appropriate that the row and ensuing panic over a hike in the price of the yeasty spread was the moment when we could say that we passed peak euphoria for the Brexiters.

The loudest sound in Birmingham was of doors being slammed shut — Seeking sustenance in a Brummie cafe to get me through the Tory conference, I heard myself request "a full English Brexit". That's what it does to your head: several days of close confinement with Conservatives salivating over departure from the European Union.

The ‘just about managing’ won’t forgive May if she botches Brexit — I have not seen an advance copy of the speech that Theresa May will give to the Conservative conference, but I can nevertheless reveal that it will include chunky passages dedicating her government to doing a lot more for the "just about managing".

‘What’s said on tour stays on tour’: McDonnell tries to keep show on road — We interrupt John McDonnell in the middle of preparing his speech for the Labour conference. When he performs in Liverpool on Monday, is he planning to entertain his home city with some of his jokes? "I'm trying to avoid funny bits," he grimaces. "They get me into trouble."

If you can’t beat Jeremy Corbyn, you’d better try to learn from him — Speaking shortly before the re-coronation of Jeremy Corbyn, one Labour MP gloomily remarked of Owen Smith's failed challenge: "It was always a kamikaze mission." Oh no, it has turned out much more desperate than that for Labour's parliamentarians.

Reports of the death of liberal centrism are greatly exaggerated — If Tony Blair and David Cameron ever bump into each other, they can compare notes on the thanklessness of political parties. I wouldn't be surprised if the words "ungrateful bastards" passed their lips. Mr Blair won his lot three consecutive elections, a feat never before achieved by Labour and a record that does not look likely to be repeated.

Politics: Between the Extremes by Nick Clegg - review — During the coalition years, some enterprising jokers created the website "Nick Clegg looking sad". His publishers haven't done him any favours by putting a rather melancholy mugshot on the cover of this account of the five turbulent years of cohabitation with the Tories that culminated in the annihilation of the Lib Dems. As it turns out, this is not a doleful book.

The psychology of Mrs May and her grammar school crusade — One party contested the last general election with a commitment to create more grammar schools. That party wasn't the Conservatives - it was Ukip. So why did Theresa May pick a fight for which she lacks a mandate? Why start it now when she was under absolutely no pressure to do so?

Enough Said: What’s Gone Wrong With the Language of Politics? by Mark Thompson - review — Plato, Socrates and Thucydides fretted about it. Hobbes was anguished in 17th-century England. In 1946, Orwell published his influential essay, Politics and the English Language, in which he shivered over the frightening ease with which dark forces can exploit perverted rhetoric for malign ends.
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Sep 25, 2016

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