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Labour is fighting for its life… and Jeremy Corbyn has never looked happier — In an expression of the kinder, gentler politics that has famously infused the Labour party in the past year, John McDonnell recently told a rally of Corbynistas that the Labour MPs trying to depose the leader are "fucking useless". The vituperation is entirely mutual.

Theresa May plans a long game but could need an early election — Some people like to divide prime ministers into two types: warriors and healers. Margaret Thatcher, Britain's first female premier, was a famous exemplar of the martial category. Theresa May has begun her time at Number 10 by projecting herself as the balm after the storm.

The Iraq disaster helps explain why Britain is in this dark place — All political lives end in failure and when they are the lives of prime ministers the fatal fall is the more spectacular. For David Cameron, nemesis arrived in one night. His mistakes caught up with him while he was still in office and defeat in the EU referendum triggered an inevitable self-defenestration from Number 10.

Ten things that Chilcot’s verdict reveals about Tony Blair and the Iraq war — 1 Has the Chilcot report changed anyone's mind? Only the truly committed will wade through every one of the 2.6 million words in the bloated report authored by Sir John Chilcot and his committee. The seven years they have taken to produce their findings is longer than the six years British troops were present in Iraq.

The Tory party has probably now passed peak chaos. Not so Labour — The world gapes at Britain in amazement and arrives at the conclusion that we must be having some sort of national nervous breakdown. The most dramatic expression of that view has come from Mark Rutte, the prime minister of the Netherlands and a disappointed Anglophile, who declares: "England has collapsed politically, monetarily, constitutionally and economically."

Tony Blair wants a good kicking — The fascinating thing about these encounters on Channel 5 between Tony Blair and angry members of the electorate is what didn't happen next. Alastair Campbell didn't punch his BlackBerry blue with expletive-rich e-mails to the editor of the show raging that the audience had been packed with Tories, Trots and tossers.

Brexit: a journey into the unknown for a country never before so divided — In the speech announcing his resignation, David Cameron included a list of the things he was proud to have done as prime minister. I suspect you glazed over at that point. So will future biographers of his premiership. He has just become one of those leaders who will be remembered for a single enormous mistake.

The numbers that add up to trouble for all political parties — A veteran political commentator, sadly no longer with us, once counselled me: "Never begin with a number." His theory was that readers were allergic to figures. I can see him shaking his head, because today I am going to begin with a couple of numbers. Two million eight hundred thousand.

Will politicians use this time to swap poison for serious debate? — On the recommendation of a Labour veteran, who had already spotted that she was a star in the making, I'd got to know Jo Cox a little since she arrived in parliament. Everything that everyone has said about her is true. She was a dedicated local MP, extremely proud to represent the part of Yorkshire where she grew up.

EU referendum: the countdown to the big vote — 23 January 2013 23 January 2013 In a long-trailed speech - the wait is compared to Tantric sex - David Cameron seeks to control his riven party and see off Ukip by pledging a future Conservative government to the "simple choice" of an in/out referendum on renegotiated terms of membership.
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Jul 10, 2016

RT @ProfTimBale: Ten things that Chilcot’s verdict reveals, says @andrewrawnsley, about Tony Blair and the Iraq war 

Jul 06, 2016

@Ian_Callender Thanks, Ian. Appreciated. In fairness, we have 2 million plus words to read to be sure! #Chilcot

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