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oh god it's going to get so much creepier as darkness falls
a number of workers at this mexican resort are wearing fake leprechaun beards and it feels vaguely sinister
@letsgomathias @AASchapiro @MichaelEHayden @lukeobrien @jaredlholt @JackSmithIV @chick_in_kiev besides, way more credit to those of you who make it their beat. we're just a local alt-weekly that happened upon a feature we couldn't ignore.
@MichaelEHayden @letsgomathias @AASchapiro @lukeobrien @jaredlholt @JackSmithIV @chick_in_kiev shout-out to google for not having a review process for doxxing posts so that our kids get to grow up with that shit being a top search result. good on corporate america for amplifying those effects.
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