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Roundup — This week the nation watched as an increasingly desperate - even sad! - Donald Trump scrambled to shore up his bankrupt campaign. His latest attempt at a pivot - to use the pundits' preferred euphemism for blatant pandering - was pandering in the form of abandoning (pandbandoning?)

Roundup — This week showcased the best and worst of America. American Olympians continued to dominate and inspire in Rio while, back home, the flailing and failing Trump campaign unveiled Trump 2.0. On Tuesday, just hours after saying he would not pivot and proclaiming "I am who I am," Trump named a new campaign manager and a new campaign CEO.

Roundup — This week, as American Olympians made history and shattered records, Donald Trump continued setting his own record for most unstable, unqualified and dangerous presidential candidate in our country's history. An overshadowed and aggrieved Trump, who sees a very different America than the one making most Olympics-watching Americans proud, has achieved something truly remarkable: He has become unsatirizable, since his every utterance is already a punch line.

I Thought HuffPost Would Be My Last Act. Then Thrive Global Walked In. — As I'm stepping down as editor-in-chief of HuffPost to launch Thrive Global, here is the note I just sent to all HuffPosters around the world. And here's the press release announcing the launch of Thrive Global. HuffPosters, For the past 11 years, The Huffington Post has been at the center of my life, and frankly I thought it would be my last act.

Heart to Heart: An Exchange of Valentines Between Arianna and Jeff Jarvis — I'm sending up the Bat Signal for you. We miss you, we need you -- the old you, the political you -- especially now, as the nation faces nothing less than a crisis of democracy. It seems your ambition these days is to become the ersatz Oprah.

Here's What's Keeping College Students From Getting The Sleep They Need — Late last month, I visited the California offices of Chegg, a higher education company that specializes in helping college students with everything from affordable textbook rentals to online tutoring. Lately, Chegg has committed to gaining a deeper understanding of another subject central to college students' lives: sleep.

Donald le détraqueur: le pouvoir destructeur de Trump à travers le prisme d'Harry Potter — De toutes les inoubliables inventions de J.K. Rowling, une en particulier correspond plus en profondeur à la campagne en cours. C'en est spirituel. Alors que Donald Trump persiste à insulter et à blesser tout ce qui se trouve sur la trajectoire descendante me reviennent en mémoire les détraqueurs, qui ont fait leur première apparition dans Harry Potter et le prisonnier d'Azkaban.

Roundup — This week marked the beginning of the Olympic Games in Rio, but closer to home, Donald Trump gave us daily reminders of what a truly disastrous performance looks like. Trump opened the week by continuing his bizarre and appalling war against the Khan family, and then claimed to have seen a "top secret" video of U.S.

Donald The Dementor: How ‘Harry Potter’ Explains Trump’s Destructive Power — Long before Donald Trump became the most dangerous, unstable, and unqualified presidential nominee in American history - that is, back when he was just vying for that distinction - it became necessary to look around in search of something, anything, that might explain his rise.

Arianna Huffington on how Emails have somehow taken over all of our lives — The unquestioning belief that work should always have the top claim on our time has been a costly one. And it has got worse as technology has allowed a growing number of us to carry our work with us - in our pockets and purses in the form of our phones - wherever we go.
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Aug 31, 2016

HuffPost is my 3rd baby, and I'm excited to see it continue to thrive in the future. Photos from my farewell party: 

Aug 31, 2016

Smiling has a strange effect on racist and sexist first impressions  via @bahargholipour

Aug 31, 2016

Maybe if you want to feel good about your beloved, all you need is to sleep better  @drake_baer

Aug 31, 2016

RT @lancegould: You'll Be BLOWN AWAY When You Find Out Who the Mother of Donald Trump's 6th Wife Is! #ClickbaitTheElection

Aug 30, 2016

.@SarahPalinUSA splits open her head while ‘rock-running,’ responds with anti-Clinton rant 

Aug 30, 2016

So we've figured out how 'Lucy' died 3 million years ago. Science is amazing!  @davyfreeman

Aug 29, 2016

Humans of New York post makes a brilliant point about therapy 

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