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USA - Jersey Shore
Founder, Medical Strategic Planning

Founder/CEO of Medical Strategic Planning, Inc. Latest book - Christian Guide for Crisis Planning, Member Health Record Banking Alliance -HRBA

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that this is happening to computers that were set to automatically install Microsoft. We were making upgrades to ACT version 20 when this first manifest on two computers. Please retweet and add any info that clarifies the problem. Warn other users and help prevent their crashes
More will follow on Windows 10 OS crashes as source of problem is clarified. This is not a prank. We don't know if Microsoft is the source. All problems started in the last week. It has affected our databases. We can't say definitively it's Microsoft, but it sure seems curious
Be prepared to restore computers to their original Win 10 versions and software levels and then reinstall all new programs since then. None of our anti-malware detectors that find a problem or rootkit.
Microsoft is silent, but the number of updates speaks volumes. Here R suggestions. 1. Turn off all Microsoft Windows 10 Updating. 2. Use recovery options to roll back configurations to something in 2017. 3. Do backups of all machines and your data, 4. Take backups offline!
WARNING! - READ THIS - We believe the Microsoft 10 OS has been successfully attacked in Jan 2018. Check your update log. We had 83 Microsoft updates in the last 5 days. Two machines that received these became unbootable and had to be restored to initial Win 10 to fix.
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